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China plans to explore space

Speaking to the press, the head of China’s lunar exploration program said that the country will continue to carry out space exploration and Mars exploration missions will be carried out with other missions.Thien Van-2, Thien Van-3 and Thien Van-4 expeditions.

The Tianwen-1 mission, launched by China on July 23, 2020, consisting of an orbiter, lander and rover, landed on Mars in February 2021. In this mission, the Zhu Rong (Zhurong) probe moved on the surface of Mars on May 22, 2021 and made discoveries ” Red Planet”.

According to Ngo Vi Nhan, the main task in his next activity is to explore asteroids in outer space and bring samples taken from asteroids to Earth for research. In addition, the scientist also said that China also aims to “implement early warning about asteroids that may pose a threat to humans and may collide with Earth”.

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