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Inflammation is the body’s response to fight pathogens and heal wounds. However, chronic and prolonged inflammation is very dangerous.

Chronic inflammation doesn’t just damage cell DNA, which can lead to cancer; increases insulin resistance, causes diabetes, but also promotes the growth of plaque in the arteries, causing blood clots and heart disease.

The risk of chronic inflammatory disease may be higher depending on the individual’s diet.

Here are 4 common foods that can make the body more susceptible to inflammation but few people know about it.

1. Foods high in sugar

4 foods that damage DNA, cause inflammation: Commonly found in everyday foods - Photo 1.

Foods high in sugar can cause inflammation. Illustration.

Foods high in sugar, such as soft drinks and candy, can cause inflammation in two ways:

First, sugar stimulates the production of fatty acids in the liver. When the body digests these fatty acids, the compounds that are formed can trigger inflammation.Professor Velonda Anderson, nutritionist, author of many well-known studies on nutrition and health in the US, said.

Second, eating foods high in sugar causes the body to produce more insulin, thereby increasing the amount of body fat. Diane Javelli, a clinical dietitian at the University of Washington Medical Center (USA), says this is a cause for concern because: “Fat cells can produce harmful chemicals in the body and cause inflammation”.

This expert added: “Limiting the intake of high-sugar foods such as cakes, cookies, candy and soda can help maintain a balanced fat ratio in the body and reduce the risk of inflammation.”.

2. Red meat and processed meat

Professor Anderson said: “Processed meat is meat that has been processed, salted, smoked, or added preservatives”.

Both processed and red meat are high in saturated fat. Studies have found that eating red meat and processed meat can lead to weight gain and inflammation.

3. Several types of cooking oil

4 foods that damage DNA, cause inflammation: Commonly found in everyday foods - Photo 2.

You must choose the type of cooking oil that is suitable for health. Illustration.

Many common cooking oils contain omega-6 fatty acids. This type of fat helps the body create energy and can grow normally.

However, you need to balance the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats (usually found in salmon, mackerel, and flaxseed). Excessive consumption of omega-6 fats can upset this balance and in turn lead to inflammation.

Some common cooking oils that contain omega-6 fats include:

– Corn oil

– Canola oil

– Sunflower oil

– Peanut oil

4. Fried

Fried foods such as chicken nuggets, donuts, and chips are major inflammatory causes because they are high in omega-6 fatty acids and trans fats (a type of harmful fatty acid).

Professor Anderson says: “Fried foods produce persistent glycated products – AGEs (glycated proteins or fats). AGEs directly stimulate inflammation in the body.”


Inflammation is a major health problem. Your diet can have a huge effect on the level of inflammation in your body. Limit sugary foods, packaged foods, and red meat to control inflammation and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

Nutritionist Javelli says: “If your diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains with moderate amounts of lean protein, occasionally eating some of your favorite sugary foods or even some fried foods won’t cause inflammation to develop. The important thing to remember is that have a balanced and balanced diet between nutrients, not just focusing on certain foods.”.

4 foods that damage DNA, cause inflammation: Commonly found in everyday foods - Photo 3.

You should eat foods with anti-inflammatory effects. Illustration.

Apart from that, there are many anti-inflammatory foods that help fight chronic inflammation in our body. These foods are rich in important compounds such as antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids that work to reduce levels of inflammatory proteins in the body.

Some anti-inflammatory foods that you should add to your diet include:

– Fatty fish (salmon, sardines, …)

– Olive oil

– Fruits and vegetables such as oranges, broccoli, peppers

– Peanut

– Berry

– Tomatoes

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