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Controversial hotgirls teach how to be sugar babies on TikTok

The hashtag “SugarBabies” has reached over 211.4 million views on TikTok, filled with young women flaunting designer handbags, shoes, jewelry, new cars, and all the vacation expenses that big men pay for.

A hotgirl with a huge following from the US and Canada was given a Herms Birkin bag worth over $30,000, Cartier jewellery. She also doesn’t hesitate to share her endless shopping list with her sugar daddy asking for more gifts.

Controversial hotgirls teaching how to be sugar babies on TikTok - Photo 1.

In another video, he details his top tips on how to “hunt” a sugar daddy online, including finding the “right place”, not using the “real” name, and pretending you already have one. “the lifestyle you want”.

He suggests “acting as if you have the lifestyle you want” to attract sugar daddy-to-be.

When it comes to asking for money, she says sugar babies shouldn’t be “time-consuming” and should be open about whether you want an allowance, how much, and in return.

Another piece of advice is not to be too picky about finding a sugar daddy online, as he explains: “Determine how much you want on a first date and then approach the person you want. Don’t wait for them to come to you, everyone is a geek. Write shared messages that you can copy and paste to start a conversation once they receive it.”

Another sugar baby, Brie from Pennsylvania proudly flashed a box full of brandy bottles, before showing off her American Airline ticket to Las Vegas with the promise of spending $1,000.

Massiel of Canada shared a video showing a huge pile of hundreds of Canadian dollars, along with screenshots of text messages between him and his sugar daddy.

The conversation shows Massiel showing his sugar daddy a photo of Kylie Jenner in a pink Brikin bag with a message saying he likes her. In the next photo, Massiel shows off his new pink Hermes bag and a similar one on sale on Lyst for $25,161….

Such cases are not uncommon. Worryingly, the fact that beautiful young girls are choosing their own lifestyles that depend on people for money has created a trend. Despite the criticism of this lifestyle, many young girls find it an easy way to achieve the luxury they desire, even crave.

With the explosion of forms of social networking, one has reason to worry that this lifestyle could affect many young people. These effects are not confined to communities, within national borders, but can spread to regions of many continents.

No one knows how these girls will live in the future, but their popularity online could make these ideas go viral.

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