Convincing Victory Over VGM, Fans “Practice” Simultaneously Call the Real Names of SGP Players for SEA Games 31 Preparation

Before going to the Final Selection Round SEA Games 31, the audience’s confidence in Saigon Phantom seems to have waned a bit after a 3-1 loss on the first day of the competition. There are even mixed opinions about the final outcome of this decisive Bo7 match. Although it is difficult to predict, the “win and lose year” match between the two teams Arena of courage The strongest in Vietnam is what fans expect. However, the “Ghost of Saigon” once again made a surprise when it was defeated VGM neat, methodical and very fast.

Absolutely amazing after only 5 games!

It’s a win SGP obtained in the Finals did not come from a single individual ecstasy. On the other hand, the five members of Yiwei, Bang, Fish, Red and Khoa had completely completed their assigned task. Right in the first game, SGP’s confidence was seen from the Florentino card in Yiwei’s hand. This guy brought a very unexpected “flowering” to take 1 kill point from the main side of VGM, Hoang TD.

Convincing victory against VGM, Simultaneous Fan

It can be said that Yiwei had the most beautiful day of his gamer career!

Sharing with the audience, Lai Bang said: “V Gaming has revealed all the cards, we spent time researching and fighting today…” Indeed, during the 5 matches, every move that The VGM made seemed to be caught by SGP and completely eliminated. The proof is, SGP does not hesitate to present new “weird cards” such as Wukong, Arthur.. in response to VGM Aleister, Errol…. Does VGM intend to use a series style, put resources into the main force or even press strongly at the beginning of the game? … SGP is still cleverly finding the most reasonable solution to pave the way to victory.

Convincing victory over VGM, Simultaneous Fan

The Wukong in Bang’s hands caused the “witch” Maris to be affected by the magic she created!

Convincing victory over VGM, Simultaneous Fan

It’s also impossible not to mention the mischievous Liliana Fish or the overly annoying Superman in Yiwei’s hands!

Although there are still some fatal mistakes in game 3, maybe SGP’s courage and toughness make them superior when compared to VGM. In the last game, VGM did some good pressing with Elsu from Hoang TD and Iggy from Maris. However, SGP waited and managed to take advantage of one fight to turn the whole game around. It can be said that the 4-1 victory over VGM is a result that should be appreciated by every demanding audience. Of course with what SGP showed, getting a gold medal SEA Games 31 This is something we can fully expect in the near future.

Convincing victory over VGM, Simultaneous Fan

The onslaught of battles left the VGM army completely crushed, helping SGP rise to the final victory!

“From now on, call them by their real names!”

So, after many unremitting efforts, finally 5 members of SGP have achieved their dream to come to SEA Games – the most prestigious tournament in a player’s life. In contrast to the familiar names that had accompanied them through many major tournaments, “In this SEA Games, there will be no more Fish, no more Yiwei, but Luong Hoang Phuc, Ly Vuong Thuyen, etc. Vietnam!”. There were smiles, there were tears, but their courage and persistent fighting spirit made them a new hope for Vietnam to change the color of the medals won at the 30th SEA Games. .

Convincing victory over VGM, Simultaneous Fan

Yiwei couldn’t hold back her happy tears!

With the overwhelming victory over “South Wing”, hundreds of thousands of congratulatory messages from passionate fans exploded on social media in the last few hours. Although I am not a fan of SGP, the team’s valuable efforts have made many spectators “turn the wheel” in praise and admiration!

Convincing victory over VGM, Simultaneous Fan

Many celebrities also expressed their excitement with SGP on the big day!

Convincing victory over VGM, Simultaneous Fan

Many meaningful wishes were expressed by the audience after the match!

Convincing victory over VGM, Simultaneous Fan

Perhaps, these meaningful words of encouragement create the most beautiful moments in the community Arena of courage!

Once again, congratulations to Saigon Phantom for a great win to get the chance to come to Saigon SEA Games 31. Follow along and support their next journey in this prestigious tournament and don’t forget, follow us to update the latest information in the most accurate way!

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