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Criticizing Vo Ha Tram for eating vegetarian food, how can he grow up, but look at baby Moon now

The beautiful little girl Moon – daughter of Vo Ha Tram and her Indian husband was born in July 2021. Until now, the singer’s daughter is 8 months old, beautiful and beautiful. Not only that, baby Moon also has an extraordinary growth rate compared to his friends, all thanks to the ability to take care of the singer’s mother. Being a mother for the first time, Vo Ha Tram can’t avoid moments of confusion and stress in caring for her children, but with her love and curiosity, she has proven herself to be able to carry out this new role well. .

The proof, baby Moon who is 8 months old has been teething at an incredible speed, his body index has also developed significantly, even standing strong and quite sturdy compared to his peers. “People are only 8 months old, but they are wearing half a year old clothes into evening gowns, mom, 10 teeth have grown but no fever at all… Teething speed is a rocket”said the female singer.

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Remember in the past, Vo Ha Tram used to be a vegetarian. While pregnant with baby Moon, the singer also maintains a healthy diet. This means that Moon’s baby has been a vegetarian since he was in the womb. At that time, many commented that if the mother was vegetarian, the fetus would not receive adequate nutrition, but secretly, the girl was developing well and had a superior body mass index. For example, Moon’s clothes are too big.

Not only that, Vo Ha Tram’s daughter is also very smart, intelligent, and lively. At 7 months old, baby Moon has learned to speak, although the whole family still can’t understand it, this suggests that Vo Ha Tram’s maid may soon be able to speak. It’s all thanks to the singer’s teaching process when it comes to talking to her children every day. Not to mention, baby Moon is very sturdy when he can stand with his back to something. Everyone guessed that he would soon be able to walk and talk compared to the other children.

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Previously, Vo Ha Tram shared her postpartum menu and revealed that she lost almost 11 kg after more than a month of giving birth. Although it was clear that the menu while breastfeeding was guided by a nutrition teacher, Vo Ha Tram was still reminded by a netizen.

This person wrote: “Every dish has beans, no meat you can’t have quality”. Right after that, Vo Ha Tram also immediately replied: “My son has been a vegetarian since his mother’s womb and was born healthy and growing well. It’s important to eat vegan or salty, but if you don’t know how to eat, even if you’re vegetarian or salty, you can still be nutritionally deficient as usual.”

In addition to a healthy scientific diet, the singer adds vitamins and minerals to ensure both mother and child are healthy and have good endurance. Thanks to that, Moon’s baby from in the mother’s womb until birth has grown very healthy. It could be said that the singer herself, even though it was the first time she became a mother, had prepared her knowledge very carefully when raising her children. This mother of one child also often gets praise for taking care of her baby, has an amazing mother, baby Moon is very happy! size 10

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