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During the wedding, the groom runs to borrow money due to an unexpected request from the bride

Recently, a Chinese man shared his cousin’s wedding photo which caused a stir in the public. After the story was published, the person who was most criticized was the bride.

According to the information posted, the marriage was inherently very happy, relatives on both sides wished the bride and groom a happy life until their heads turned white. Unexpectedly, in the ritual of “worshiping the highway” (bowing to the husband’s parents), the bride firmly refuses to call the groom’s parents “father and mother”. The bride made an unreasonable request, asking her husband’s parents to give her 9999 yuan (about over 36 million VND) before she called.

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That scene in the wedding bore a lot of people.

Before the sudden request of the daughter-in-law, the in-laws couldn’t help but be surprised. However, because he doesn’t want his marriage to be unhappy, doesn’t want his son to lose face, even though he hasn’t prepared the money in time, the in-laws should also ask his relatives and friends. to donate, finally enough 9999 yuan to give to the boy Strawberry.

After receiving the money, the bride changed her voice sweetly and sat down on the spot to count the money. When confirmed enough, 9999 yuan, the newlyweds smiled and called “Father, mother”. This scene made many people at the wedding party sigh in disappointment.

After being spread online, it sparked heated discussion. Most netizens said: “The groom’s family just married such a daughter-in-law”, “Not only disrespectful but also very outrageous, what if the groom’s family can’t give 9999 yuan? Don’t remarry?”, “Marry someone like that, sooner or later there will be trouble in the family”.

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