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Ever since Xuan Bac’s wife checked her children’s phones and posted photos online, netizens have been obsessed with parents telling their secret stories to their relatives.

It is important for parents to accompany and monitor their children during puberty. However, the act of checking your phone, personal belongings and telling others what you did, even posting on social networks is not supported at all.

Recently, after Xuan Bac’s wife found out that Facebook and her children had 18+ pictures posted on social networks, many people disagreed. They believe that this is an invasion of privacy and more seriously, can affect the psychology and development of children.

Dad reads all my Facebook and tells everyone over and over.  I was ashamed not to use Facebook until college - Photo 1.

Xuan Bac’s wife status

In addition, many netizens directly shared their personal experiences when their parents took similar actions. The main common points are discomfort as well as embarrassment due to the actions of parents:

– I remember when I was in grades 11 – 12, I overheard my mother telling me about my mistakes in grades 9 – 10, but I was embarrassed and angry with my mother, let alone going public on social networks. Now everyone should realize that whatever they publish on MXH, it can be kept forever, so if you want to post something, you have to think carefully first. It’s okay to affect yourself, but it also affects the psychology of your children later in life.

– When I was in high school, I also used to hang out on FB and do some pranks so I would always stay on my dad’s computer and not log out. When I finish reading, I will tell this story over and over, and draw flowers and leaves to make the story come alive. I’m ashamed not to use FB until I go to college. I hope parents know their child is wrong, then close the door and insult for a while, but don’t tell.

– Previously, my parents also saw my messages from time to time. It was a lot of pressure and more results were posted to the public seeing like this… 2022 then don’t know how to popularize sex education knowledge or show how to use social media to post it on FB?

– Gal. I’ve been there, I know it. My dad used to take his phone to check things out. At that time, my phone was unlocked. My father took the initiative to open Google to view history. I’m always very uncomfortable. I never use incognito on my computer. I also read passionate love language, also text with friends, also use some swear words, talk comfortably. Maybe I use honorifics with close friends. After watching it, my dad made fun of him like that girl. I feel unappreciated all the time. Until I got too caught up, I asked my mother: “Why did you do that? It was so disrespectful to me.” My mother closed the green sentence: “Parents have the right to do it”. Since then, I’ve been bored, setting fit for everything, including my laptop, phone, and even locked drawers.

– I remember my mother telling my story to the little mother of a classmate, so the whole class knows. At that time, I wanted to drop out of school.

– To be honest, the bad story my mother told my relatives made me hurt and sad. This is a person who is also noticed on social media, posted to advertise across the country.


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