For every 100 lots of land auctioned, there will be 16 lots without deposit and a difference of 1,600 billion VND

At the Conference to evaluate compliance with the provisions of the law on asset auctions in the province, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Justice Bac Giang Le Anh Tuan said that in 2 years (2020-2021) the province held 161 real estate auctions of 9,191 residential land use rights fields, the number of fields is 7,720 fields, the number of fields that are not guaranteed is 1,471; the total starting price is more than 10,000 billion VND; the total number of winning auctions is more than 11,800 trillion VND, the total difference is more than 1,600 billion VND.

Based on this statistic, the ratio of unsold lots to the number of lots put up for auction is more than 16%, meaning that for every 100 lots put up for auction on average there are 16 lots that aren’t sold.

Tuan Tuan said: “The difference between the winning price in the land use rights auction and the initial price is high, contributing to limiting the negative situation in the previous auction; thereby increasing APBN revenues, making a positive contribution to regional socio-economic development.

However, Tuan Tuan also said that due to the complex nature of asset auction activities; The implementation of state asset auction activities still depends on coordination with related agencies and organizations; Therefore, the efficiency of state administration in this field is still not high in several aspects. Coordination in monitoring auctions is still not good; inspection and inspection in the field of irregular auctions; Handling of violations in auction activities is not a deterrent…

    Bac Giang: For every 100 plots of land auctioned, there will be 16 piles of piles, with a difference of 1,600 billion VND - Photo 1.

Deputy Chairman of the Phan The Tuan Provincial People’s Committee spoke at the Conference. (Photo:

In the conference, Deputy Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Bac Giang Phan The Tuan assessed that the management of state property auctions in recent years still has many shortcomings, especially in some areas of property pricing. close to market price; unsafe and orderly auction conditions still occur; violation in payment extension; cancel the winning bidding results; the situation of “dropping the deposit”, the phenomenon of “fishing bait” to push up prices, disrupting the real estate market … led to a loss of tax revenue in the real estate business.

Therefore, the Deputy Chairperson of the Provincial MPR asked the Ministry of Justice as the state auction organizer to strengthen monitoring, understand the situation, and immediately coordinate with relevant sectors and agencies to advise the KPU to take steps to reorganize, direct, and properly implement state administration. on asset auction activities.

Tuan Tuan assigned the Ministry of Justice to form a provincial cross-sectoral monitoring team to oversee the auction of residential land use rights and project land in the province; coordinate with the Ministry of Finance to propose funding to support supervisory activities in accordance with the provisions.

The Ministry of Finance will assume primary responsibility for, and coordinate with relevant sectors in, strengthening inspections and urging agencies and units to strictly comply with State regulations on order and procedures for price assessments; organizes professional training courses on state price valuation when units have demand,… chn


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