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France says Putin ‘shows no good will’ for Ukraine truce

The Guardian (UK) newspaper quoted a French official as saying that in phone calls with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron on March 12, Russian President Vladimir Putin “did not show goodwill” from the start. Ukraine.

Therefore, according to a spokesman for the German government, during a 75-minute phone call on March 12, both German and French leaders asked Russia to “immediately stop fire” in Ukraine.

On the same day, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also stressed that negotiations with Russia must begin with Moscow stopping “hostile acts.”

The Kremlin statement regarding the phone call said that President Putin briefly briefed Macron and Scholz on the negotiating situation between Russia and Ukraine and responded to the concerns of the two leaders about the humanitarian situation in Ukraine. The announcement did not mention a ceasefire.

According to a German government spokesman: “The phone call is part of international efforts to end the ongoing war in Ukraine.”

After Russia launched what it called a “special military operation” in Ukraine, the United States and the West quickly responded with a series of draconian sanctions aimed at suppressing the Russian economy. The negotiating delegations from the two countries met and discussed face-to-face in Belarus, and according to Russian President Putin, the two sides have made “some positive progress”.

Ukrainian President Zelensky also confirmed on March 12 that the negotiating delegations of the two countries had started discussing specific topics instead of issuing ultimatums.

Zelensky also announced for the first time the number of Ukrainian soldiers who died in battle with Russian troops: About 1,300 people, and the leader also said that Russian troops lost almost 10 times more than Ukrainians.

Zelensky said Ukraine could not stop fighting, but maintained a ceasefire around an agreed “humanitarian corridor” outside Mariupol and called on Russia to do the same.

The Ukrainian leader also suggested that Kiev and Moscow hold peace talks in a neutral country, such as Israel, to discuss the issue of ending the conflict.


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