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Gasoline rises fast, “gasoline thief” appears, bored many people

The high price of fuel makes many people dizzy. However, that can’t be a good excuse for the young man’s humiliating actions in the new video posted on MXH on March 13th below.

Clip: “Gasoline thief” makes fans uncomfortable

In particular, at a gas station in Bac Ninh, there was a young man without a helmet who rode a motorcycle to refuel. However, as soon as he finished refueling, the young man, as if he had a pre-calculated plan, didn’t hesitate to drive straight.

Even though the employee at the gas station immediately ran to call back, he still couldn’t get the young man to “turn the car around”.

This ugly behavior was immediately posted and received a lot of critical comments from fans. Not only did not wear a helmet, did not pay for gas, many people also found that this young man’s motorcycle did not have a license plate:

“If the gas goes up, this car will only cost a few tens of thousands, to even have to rob it like that?”

“If the gas goes up, it steals the gas, doesn’t it make sense to steal anything that goes up? That’s not justified.”

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