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Hanoi’s young wife embargoed her newly married husband after recovering from COVID-19 2 months later, knowing the reason only love

Teacher, Doctor Phan Chi Thanh

Young wife ‘freezes sex’ after contracting COVID-19

From initial studies and facts recorded in several post-COVID-19 clinics, now there are many cases of health effects after being positive for SARS-CoV-2. In particular, in addition to the physical effects, many people are also affected psychologically, which leads to a series of problems, including decreased sex drive.

Master, doctor Phan Chi Thanh – Head of the Center for Training and Direction (Central Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology) said that research shows that COVID-19 affects the male reproductive system, while other studies show that COVID-19 affects the male reproductive system. reproductive system For women, there is currently no evidence of this issue.

However, there have been many cases where women after contracting COVID-19 experienced “freezing” of sex due to no desire. Doctor Thanh once advised the case of a 25-year-old woman from Hanoi who was recently married and had not yet given birth.

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Many women after contracting COVID-19 are psychologically affected, since then they are not eager to have sex. Illustration.

According to the patient’s narrative, after being married for some time, on the last Chinese New Year, he contracted COVID-19. After a week of follow-up, home care, the patient recovered. Although all activities have returned to normal, the young wife has a difficult problem to say, which is no desire to avoid “sex” with her husband.

“Before contracting COVID-19, my husband and I lived a very organized life and every time the relationship was at its peak. However, after being infected with COVID-19, “intimate relationships” are no longer the same as before. I no longer had any desire, my husband just touched me and I pushed him away. Until now, it’s been more than 2 months since I recovered from the disease, I didn’t have sex, said the female patient.

Pay attention to the organs that pump blood and oxygen after contracting COVID-19

Doctor Phan Chi Thanh said that the problem of women “petrifying” after contracting COVID-19 stems from many causes and needs to be examined to find out the exact reason, so that it can be treated to the root.

COVID-19 can damage many organs, especially the lungs. It is an organ that delivers oxygen to the body, has very important roles, including sex.

“For best sexual performance, the blood pump and oxygen pump must work properly. While many cases of COVID-19 will affect the lungs due to the post-COVID-19 syndrome, so the oxygen supply will be problematic, thus affecting sexual activity,” said the results of the analysis of Dr.

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Doctor Thanh said that after contracting COVID-19 there are many factors that affect sex.

Many people ask doctors: Is it possible to have sex with COVID-19 after having sex and lose strength, so that you are afraid not to have sex? Doctor Thanh’s answer was: No. Except in case of heart failure, lung failure, you should consult your doctor before having sex.

“You can check your health after you have COVID-19 by trying to walk stairs, if your health can still go up 2-3 floors, it is very possible to have sex. Because having sex is like climbing 2-3 floors of stairs, moreover, having sex is also a sport, it helps strengthen your immune system, and increases the bond between husband and wife,” suggested dr.

Psychology can also “kill” sex after COVID-19

In addition to the above problems, Dr Thanh also noted psychological factors during and after contracting COVID-19. In fact, the examination shows that many women are bored with their husbands and do not need to have sex, although the results of the physical examination are not a problem, but their psychology is greatly affected after contracting COVID-19.

According to Doctor Thanh, in the post-COVID-19 period. many people face pressure from economy to life … and all of them cause stress and anxiety. When tired, especially when husband and wife don’t share, it’s natural to “freeze” sex.

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It is very important for husband and wife to share and encourage each other to overcome difficult times due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Illustration.

Doctor Thanh gave an example, when one family member is exposed to COVID-19, most of it will spread to other members, from there everything will be disturbed. When a husband and wife have the same illness, they will often love and share a lot. However, then a difference of opinion emerged.

“Husbands recovering from COVID-19 will recover faster and think their wives should recover at their own pace. In case, if the two recovered together, it would be easy to sympathize and share. However, when the husband is healthy and the wife is tired, this is an easy stage to misunderstand, which leads to conflict, mutual pressure and influence on sex,” said Dr Thanh.

Doctor Thanh said that sex is a matter of two people, so it is very important to share, sympathize, understand and help each other. Moreover, post-COVID-19 family life is not only about intimacy, so it is necessary to learn how to reintegrate so that the whole family can handle it.

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