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Hen Nie lifted his shirt to show off his weight training results, but his waist was strangely deformed

H’Hen Niê since being crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 so far has always maintained a prestigious name in all lines. Not only a queen with a clean profile, active in charity work, Ede’s long legs also maintain an excellent figure. Although every New Year season passes, he often makes fans laugh with his broken body, but very quickly, only 1-2 months later, his body is back to normal.

All the tips packed into eating and exercising. Recently, on her beauty instagram, she just posted a photo of checking her body in front of the mirror, leaving fans “confused”.

Hen Nie lifted his shirt to show off his weight training results, but his waist was deformed in a confusing way - 1

The beauty lowered her pants and lifted her shirt to show off her super skinny belly. The stomach is a place to represent perseverance in exercising and eating hard women.

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Although she knows that her thin and fat belly, floating on the number 11 of the beautiful pink shadow, in some corners, her waist is quite confusing.

Normally, the belly is thin, but there will be protruding ribs and breasts, but in H’Hen Nie’s photo, it is sunken and sagging. Maybe it’s because of the pose and clothes that give him a slightly unusual shape.

Recently, H’Hen Niê was very determined for her figure. She, like many other sisters, likes a flat stomach, a tight waist and 11 muscles. However, she herself has to nod, if she tightens her weight deeply, causing a calorie deficit, it will be difficult to exercise vigorously. buttocks and thighs. A beautiful body will balance in 3 rounds and complement each other in strength training. The current queen’s figure can be said to be beautiful and very close to fitness standards.

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Having a height of 1m73, H’Hen Niê once admitted, her waist reaches a peak of 59cm. This measurement compared to other Vbiz beauties might still be far behind, but with her human skeleton ratio, it might be too perfect.

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In Vbiz, there are many beautiful women with small waists, but not many who get muscle and toned like H’Hen Niê. The catwalk on the Top 5 Miss Universe 2018 runway at Fashion Week is history.

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Not only has a beautiful belly, the back of the beauty is also very smooth and dense.

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While exercising, H’Hen Niê has clearly built muscle, muscle is separated, fat is dry and very fit.

H’Hen Niê is a gym, however, he also incorporates martial arts. The beauty often posts stories about a disciplined lifestyle, going to bed early around 10am and then getting up at 5am to practice. He often carries a bag, gloves, and kick box for his training targets every morning.

Not only working hard, H’Hen Niê also has to diet more seriously. No longer a beauty queen every time she eats 2 bowls of rice, she has to eat more carbohydrates (starch) and full protein. He eats lots of white meat like chicken and fish, and eats less red meat to avoid catabolism and easier digestion.

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A common dish on the leggy Ede’s menu is leafy greens. The greener the vegetables, the more iron they have. The more colorful vegetables, the more vitamin A they have.

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