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Housewives “surprised” with watermelon for over 700,000 VND

Since the beginning of the year until now, watermelon prices have often been at a low level. Even in supermarkets, watermelons usually cost no more than 20,000 VND/kg, many times under 10,000 VND/kg.

Because of this, many people couldn’t help but be surprised to see watermelons, which were not imported goods, but cost ten times as much.


Organic watermelons that meet US and EU standards are sold at an organic food store on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street (District 3)

Thao Minh (living in Phu Nhuan district) said that because she was pregnant, she was very careful in choosing food, she bought watermelons over 500,000 VND weighing more than 4 kg at a shop specializing in organic food. “Big melon, the whole family can eat it for 4 days. Although the price is high, organic products are very convincing, melon has a sweet taste, much better than mass products” – commented Ms. Minh Nhan.

Reported by reporters at the Organica shop on Nguyen Dinh Chieu street (District 3), organic watermelons sell for 125,000 VND/kg; The melons here are all large, so the price of each fruit is very high, the largest one being over 700,000 VND.


Close-up of organic watermelon costs over 700,000 VND (fruit left)

The shop staff said that organic watermelons are only available occasionally, this time the garden brings a lot of large fruits, so some customers have to “buy together”, only when there are a lot of people to buy whole fruit. This employee also revealed that last year the shop imported organic watermelons weighing more than 10 kg, at a price of more than 1 million dong.


Organic watermelon is commented to have a sweet taste

A representative from retail chain Organica said that the watermelon products have been certified organic by the US and the EU. The reason watermelon prices are high is because organic fruit is hard to grow. In addition, the farming process does not use chemical fertilizers, so the product is very dependent on the weather, so the goods are not evenly distributed. In the near future, the garden will be planting small melon varieties that will suit today’s families.


Watermelon is sold in supermarkets in Thu Duc City, the original price is less than 20,000 VND/kg, the promotion price of red watermelon is 6,900 VND/kg

Organic watermelon is also the bestselling product of Everyday Organic (owned by Nhat Thong Agriculture Co., Ltd), one of the brands that provides many of today’s international standard organic agricultural products, despite their prices. squares”. The melons here range in size from 1.5-1.6 kg/fruit, each costing 186,000 VND.

Mr. Pham Huu Thoi, General Director of Everyday Organic, said that watermelon is a new product that has only been planted for a few seasons, the output is still low.

“Although the selling price is high, the effect is not yet there because the production cost is very high. There are not many customers who accept the price of organic watermelons, we are trying to lower the price to 70,000 – 80,000 VND/ /kg so that more people can use organic products,” said Thoi.

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