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If I get money I think I should change the first round immediately!

Kieu Ly Pham – The famous owner of a series of fashion and beauty shops in Ha Thanh. Even though he has reached the age of 30, Kieu Ly still maintains his extraordinary youth and charisma. However, Kieu Ly made no secret that he is also a “plastic surgery fan” and “as soon as I got the money, I had to change immediately”.

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Kieu Ly doesn’t hide her current beauty thanks to the intervention of the tableware

In an interview in June 2020, Kieu Ly Pham shared:

“I think women have the right to be beautiful and always want to be beautiful to gain confidence, so plastic surgery is very normal. I am independent and have economic ability, as long as I have to be beautiful there is no problem. Am I not investing?”

Owner Ha Thanh admits that she is a fan of aesthetics and the first thing Kieu Ly thinks of when he earns money is getting cosmetic surgery. It is very important for him to invest in himself for his daughter, so that more opportunities can be spread:

“I pressed my eyelids and intervened in the first half. With my photography work, ever since I earned a bit of money, about 4-5 years ago, I had thoughts of changing the first half. And it’s true that when I’m done, I feel more confident and more productive. If I believe in myself, my job, career and money will also sublimate with beauty.”

Kieu Ly Pham: If I get money, I think I should change the first round immediately!  - Photo 2.

When he earns money, the first thing Kieu Ly thinks of is plastic surgery

To be honest, I’m still a fan of plastic surgery, so in the near future as I get older and worse, I’ll also be “expanding” some parts to look younger.

Some sexy pictures of Kieu Ly Pham on social networks


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