iPhone SE 2022 at risk of “stuck” in Vietnam

At the “Peek Performance” event two days ago, Apple officially unveiled the iPhone SE 3 (iPhone SE 2022) model. After many sources revealed before, I thought this would be an “Android killer” with a new design, high configuration and attractive price, but in the end, this product brought a lot of skepticism because the design is outdated, while the price is expensive. more expensive than the older generation (lowest version costs $429).

iPhone SE 2022 continues to reuse the design of the previous generation, namely the iPhone 8 which was launched 6 years ago. Even the color options including white, black and red are really similar to the 2020 iPhone SE.

iPhone SE 2022 in jeopardy

iPhone SE 2022 has a design that’s been around for 6 years.

However, according to Apple’s announcement, the device has a more durable design, uses the same glass front and back as the iPhone 13, and has IP67 water and dust resistance standards. Apart from that, this device also has a strong hardware upgrade with the Apple A15 Bionic chip (in iPhone 13) and of course supports 5G connectivity.

Regarding the camera, the iPhone SE 2022 is equipped with a single 12MP rear camera with Deep Fusion, supports powerful computational photography technology and supports the same Picture Styles features as the iPhone 13. At the same time, the camera of the device will have the Smart feature. HDR 4.

Should you buy the iPhone SE 2022?

After its release, the iPhone SE 2022 has caused a lot of controversy, with most believing that Apple is trying to take advantage of users when it comes to a design that has been around since 2016. However, objectively that said, controversy only really arises. when product prices are announced.

If it’s priced at $300 like many previous rumors, the iPhone SE will automatically be the best choice in its segment and directly threaten mid-range and even high-end Android competitors. In other words, the iPhone SE 2022 seems to be priced in the wrong segment.

Even in a market where Apple strongly dominates like the US, the iPhone SE 2022 faces strong competition from its sibling, the iPhone 13 mini. Both have the same Apple A15 chip, the same compact size, but users tend to spend more money to experience the new design and impressive dual camera.

Not to mention markets like Vietnam or Asia, where users can easily buy a nominally “dead” iPhone like the iPhone 12; iPhone 11… With an estimated price of around 13 million VND for Vietnam, it is very difficult for iPhone SE 2022 to compete with rivals in this price range.

Who will buy the iPhone SE 2022?

Of course, no product is launched without a purpose, especially for a sales connoisseur like Apple.

The first users Apple wants to target are those who want to join the Apple ecosystem, but are not tech-savvy and don’t want to spend money on the latest iPhones.

iPhone SE 2022 in jeopardy

iPhone SE 2022 can be aimed at new users who want to experience the Apple ecosystem.

More specifically, this group of people are people who buy iPhones because of their work needs, because of the need to connect with people through the Apple ecosystem like iMessage, Airdrop… Or as parents or too young. , not technology. smart, want a compact, easy-to-use device to stay in touch with family and community.

Another explanation for its existence, the iPhone SE is the perfect gift. Who doesn’t love getting a new iPhone?

In short, whether the iPhone SE 2022 will be a success or not, only the future can tell. But in the Vietnamese market alone, with what has been announced and learned from the iPhone SE 2020 or even SE 2016, it is possible to predict a not so bright future for Apple’s newest representative.

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