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Lam Tam Nhu is still engrossed in “cutting the horns to make a horse”, number 3 has a surprising statement

Known for its beauty like Ha Tu Vi (Hoan Chau Way), Y Chamber Nut (Beauty of conscience), Lam Tam Nhu does not easily accept that he is old. Several years ago, in an interview, Lam Tam Nhu once revealed that she still couldn’t accept the role of a mother on screen, even though she herself had a child. Currently, Lam Tam Nhu has also undergone a makeover with a more angular role like in Hoa Dang So Thuong. But it may take the audience a long time to see her in the role of a middle-aged “aunt”.

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Lam Tam Nhu is still working hard as a beautiful woman

fairy Meteor Garden Summer Balloons once refused to play the role of Wang Da Luc’s mother – who is 15 years her junior. This is not difficult to explain, because the audience still remembers Tu Hy Vien as an innocent and pure young girl. If he played the role of the parent of a young adult, viewers would have a different view of him.

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At 45 years old, Tu Hy Vien is still a girl at heart

Ngoc Quynh Dao was once stoned by the audience for shocking remarks: “To play another actor’s mother on screen is a huge insult and humiliation. I am still this beautiful, how can I play such a role?” Then, due to too much criticism, he had to justify that this was due to a nasty media clipping. Indeed, Tran Duc Dung was much younger than 47 years old. But the older she got, the less chance she had of playing the young female lead.

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Maybe this is the reason why Tran Duc Dung no longer appears on the screen

If the above beauty is only U50, Y Nang Tinh is 54 years old. However, she once made claims to “not accept the role of mother” with the film crew, causing every director to shake their heads. She is very confident: “Whom mother should I be when I look like their sister?”. Just watch the movie I am a queen Since he himself directed and acted in the film, it was enough to know that the woman in his eyes should always be young and beautiful.

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This actress always appears with a charming image

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