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Men’s “different” thoughts when going to sleep

How to satisfy a man? Why does he only want more and nothing less? Why can a man sleep with many other women even though he has a beautiful wife?

Many women do not understand why a man is so attracted to sex, and even this affects his confidence and personality. Just as many men don’t understand why women care so much about clothes, this also affects women’s moods and lives. In fact, men love sex just as much as women love beauty!

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There is a topic in the room forum with the question: When will the couple want sex Best? The husband replied “early in the morning”, but the wife stated that the best time was “weekends”. It shows how big the difference between the sexes is.

Here are 20 facts men think sex story that you will be surprised when you finish reading.

1. Men think tricks can last a lifetime. As long as they see you orgasm once, men will use the trick at all subsequent sexual encounters.

2. Men always want to please women in bed. Emotionally, a guy wants to see you enjoying the pleasure he gives you. Most men want to be heroines.

3. Men want to “love”, absolutely not meet physical needs but sometimes to cover the hurt.

4. Men pay attention to sexual pleasure. They are creatures with vision. Once their senses are satisfied, they tend to want to be active, ignoring the effects of flirting.

5. Facing old and new sex, men will respond more physically. During intimacy, men often make tacit comparisons about how women react to skin-to-skin contact.

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6. If a man lives with an arrogant and controlling mother, he tends to dislike a sexually active wife, it almost becomes an obsession for him.

7. Waking up a guy 5 minutes early for tonight’s “carnival” workout will make him go crazy over you.

8. Regarding masturbation, men learn to control the rate of ejaculation through self-stimulation.

9. Men’s madness is about to explode: when women take off their nightgowns, men can plunge from below zero to 300 degrees.

10. Men don’t care when, where, how women want to have sex. To them, even “bad” sex is good sex!

11. Men think sex eliminates problems, even if you haven’t talked about it. So if you and your wife have a fight, after just 1 sex, the guy will turn 180 degrees, almost forgetting all conflicts and conflicts.

12. If you haven’t been “in love” for a while and your partner hasn’t even touched you, a man’s body rises at an incredible speed, with no foreplay, the mere thought of sex is enough to make him explode.

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13. On average, men reach orgasm after 2 minutes of fierce fighting, this is not premature ejaculation but average.

14. Physiologically, men in their 30s should “rest” at least half an hour after orgasm.

15. Men are easy, but women are not easy to seduce!

16. Most men want women to go to bed in their clothes, not completely naked.

17. An imaginative woman will refresh a man and “take the gun to the battlefield” under any circumstances, without any prior preparation.

18. When women try to control men or use sex to get what they want, men will soon get tired and bored no matter how attractive you are.

19. A man would rather have sex with a fat but sublime woman than a woman who is very sexy but bland and tasteless.

20. Men are animals with sight. That’s why he still prioritizes the visual part. That’s why beautiful women always excite men first. no-hay-biet-202203131006563.chn

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