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My baby doesn’t deserve this

Recently, in the next part of the Chat with breastfeeding moms program, actor Thien An opened up about her pregnancy with singer Jack and her story of being a single mother.

I don’t want to be a burden to anyone

Before telling my family, I was completely alone facing new things during pregnancy, did not contact, did not dare to share with friends. Not only was I stressed when I kept secrets to myself, I was even more stressed when I didn’t know how to take care of my children, adding to the heavy burden of food and money.

Actor Thien An: My son doesn't deserve this - Photo 1.

I eat moderately, giving up bad habits. I still work every month even though the salary is not too high at that time. Instead of going out to eat, drink coffee and play like I used to, when I was pregnant, I saved the money to invest in other expenses like antenatal care, buying supplements.

Apart from modeling, I did a sales internship to have another source of money. In the 4th month, when my belly showed, I couldn’t wear tight dresses, I didn’t accept modeling anymore.

During my pregnancy, I didn’t want to be a burden to anyone, even in the last months of pregnancy, I still went to antenatal care alone.

I value myself

I mentally prepared by watching most of the chats with mothers with milk to hear the experiences of previous mothers because I was afraid to ask my mother.

And the peaceful birth of baby Sol (whose daughter was named Thien An) was a great gift in return for all the hardships I went through.

I thought, the child is my child, there is nothing to sacrifice. I am alone, when I have made this decision, I have to find a way to make money to sustain my life.

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To this day, I also don’t understand why in the process I was able to get over it. I also respect myself.

As soon as I gave birth, I learned to walk, I could do whatever I could. I also took the initiative to take care of the children. I’m like the breadwinner in the family, I can’t rely on anyone. After giving birth for 2 months, I returned to work to earn money to support the child.

During pregnancy, I was very stressed, closed all social networking sites.

So when I got back to work, I faced a lot of difficulties. I lost all connection, unable to contact anyone. I have to do everything to let everyone know that I’m back. Apart from performing, I also sell clothes online to earn money to live.

My son doesn’t deserve this

Even though I had to endure many hardships and pressures, I never regretted the past. I don’t have time to think “what if” anymore.

I had to find a way to solve the problem, not look back in time. I had to quickly take care of food and money because I felt very sorry for my children. My son doesn’t deserve this.

Actor Thien An: My son doesn't deserve this - Photo 4.

Many times I think, or because it’s my child, that’s why it’s like this. But then I ignored that thought to try to take care of my children completely.

Under people, public opinion gossiped and criticized me a lot, leaving me depressed and bored. But no matter what they say, they won’t feed me. When I fell, my mother and children had no support.

Initially, I was stressed, I went online every day to read every comment. But then I didn’t care anymore to focus on raising children.

By the way, I want to thank my mother, who endured many hardships and scandals but never gave up, but always protected me and my daughter.

I have always had great love for my mother. As for my daughter, when she grows up, she will know how hard I worked. I want my children to be better, to love me more, to be a great spiritual support for me.

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