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“My English is not good”

Episode 2 of the TV show Next Masterperfect man recently premiered with a series of dramatic developments.

Directly criticized by Ha Anh because
Directly criticized by Ha Anh as

Xuan Lan.

In this episode, the spotlight belongs to ha Anh when expressing frustration for the team Xuan Lan win. Very angry, Ha Anh scolded Xuan Lan that if the foreign student was eliminated, the reason was because Xuan Lan couldn’t speak English.

In response to this, Xuan Lan stated: “I participated in a reality TV show for Vietnamese. I’m not good at English, it’s a fact. I don’t need to speak English as my mother tongue, because I live and work in Vietnam. Vietnamese very well to express my wishes.”

Directly criticized by Ha Anh as

Ha Anh.

“I’m the winner in episode 4. And I reserve the right to get rid of whoever I think should be stopped, to give a chance to better contestants. Huy and Phat are the two contestants I kept in episode 4. The worst but I want to give that chance to Dr. Dr. You may not think like me. But you have no right to eliminate. And I have. So it seems to have let you down. So let’s fight. Win to continue to exercise my rights. No matter who I disqualify, I will being scolded. It’s a fact.”

Directly criticized by Ha Anh because

Xuan Lan talked about being criticized by Ha Anh for not speaking English very well.

Before that, right in episode 2 of The Next Gentleman, Ha Anh said: “Ha Anh fans, they really want me to return to the reality show. The reason Ha Anh returned to The Next Gentleman is because I have the belief of a perfect man carrying a mission. which is big. I believe The Next Gentleman is different from other reality shows. Until now, reality shows are not about finding talent, but offering new talent. drama, entertainment”.

“Of course, we Vietnam has our own culture, however, due to many wars and in the process of integration, awareness of these art forms is not much. Therefore, it is said that He is a bit selfish, but Ha Anh wants: First, spread things -positive things to the public Second, disseminate knowledge to the public, real aesthetic values ​​Third, use the professional values ​​of public awareness”. english-nhu-tieng-me-de-202203122313323745.chn

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