Quang Hai will leave Hanoi FC, what is the real reason?

Quang Hai turned down the last offer in February 2022 from Hanoi FC. According to a source, Quang Hai is clearly not staying at Hanoi FC and there are many reasons that led to this decision.

First, Quang Hai has other, bigger plans available. He is said to still dream of going to Europe to play. This is the main cause.

After the 2020 AFF Cup, Quang Hai received information that several foreign clubs were interested. However, he remains consistent with his goal of going to Europe rather than going to Korea and Japan to play from there as a solid foundation to bridge to the old continent.

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Quang Hai will bid farewell to Hanoi FC and find a new destination overseas (Photo: Hieu Luong)

Second, Hanoi FC’s fees and contract terms don’t really make Quang Hai worthy of his current position.

Yesterday (12 March), Hanoi FC played their V.League 2022 opener with Ho Chi Minh City 0-0 at Hang Day Stadium. Quang Hai is not on the list of registered players. Head coach Chun Jae-ho said he had a back injury and did not know when he would return.

Recently, Hanoi FC said it was still negotiating with Quang Hai. Meanwhile, Quang Hai’s side was almost silent. The smell of Hien also has no obvious impact in this regard.

Quang Hai played for Hanoi FC of V.League 2016 when he was 19 years old. He was immediately integrated and gradually became the team’s mainstay.

Quang Hai and the capital team opened the most developed period in the club’s history with 3 V.League championships in 5 years (2016, 2018, 2019), 2 National Cups (2019, 2020), 1 win to the 2019 AFC Cup semi-finals.

The 1997-born midfielder also won the 2018 Vietnam Golden Ball, making Hanoi FC the only club to have 4 Golden Balls simultaneously (Van Quyet, Thanh Luong, Hung Dung).

Farewell to Quang Hai could be the biggest shock for Hanoi FC in this uncertain season. Before that, they said goodbye to Dinh Trong, the coach Park Choong-kyun was very close to when the 2022 V.League started.

According to Xiao Luong

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