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Soc Trang bride “stretches” in gold, receives 10 billion dowry on her wedding day-Youth

Sunday, March 13, 2022 08:18 (GMT+7)

The beautiful bride makes people “enchant” because she wears gold around her neck and hands. In addition, the bride also received a “huge” dowry of 10 billion dong in cash.

Soc Trang bride

The bride is wearing gold and laden with her hands on her wedding day

Recently, a series of photos and clips filming the couple’s epic wedding in Soc Trang made people excited.

In the photo, the beautiful bride is shining with “a large amount of gold” on her body. The neck, wrists and fingers of the bride are lined with gold bangles, gold bangles and gold rings. Not only that, in front of them were piles of cash with a face value of 500,000 VND stacked on top of each other. It is impossible to estimate the total amount of gold, but it is known that the amount of cash that the bride and groom received on the day of the wedding reached 10 billion VND.

The luxury of marriage through the sharer’s video narration makes netizens even more amazed. The house the bride lives in has many items plated in 24-carat gold such as: tables and chairs, lamps, poles… In particular, the table and chairs set to welcome two families are made entirely of solid wood inlaid with gold.

Soc Trang bride

Soc Trang bride

The gold-studded house of the bride’s parents makes people amazed

The wedding was held in a lavish room, adorned with tons of fresh flowers of all kinds, of which, most notably were the beautiful blue hydrangeas. It is known that all the fresh flowers used to decorate the wedding cost up to 600 million VND.

The identity of the bride in the lavish wedding was quickly discovered. Namely Tran Tu Trinh (born 2000, from Long Phu district, Soc Trang province). Tu Trinh said she was quite surprised when her marriage was widely shared on social networks and she and her husband received many blessings from everyone.

“I don’t care about the mixed comments, just want to thank those who have blessed me and my wife.” Trin shared.

Soc Trang bride

The wedding was held in a luxury wedding center

Soc Trang’s bride said she received 10 billion in cash as a dowry from her parents. In addition, he was also given an additional BMW car worth 3 billion and a series of diamond jewelry, all of which were wedding gifts for the bride’s parents before returning to her husband’s house. The total amount of gold and other wedding gifts, she and her husband had not counted.

Soc Trang bride

Soc Trang bride

Soc Trang bride has a beautiful beauty

Tu Trinh and her newly married husband – Hoang Dung (born 1994) met each other through social networks. The couple was raised by both sides of the family, so they decided to “return to the same house” after more than 2 years of love. Their lavish wedding was held on March 11.

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