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Surprised to see the maid wearing all the branded clothes I bought

Yesterday, when I went to my girlfriend’s house to play, the first thing that caught my attention was domestic worker wear all the clothes I gave Ngan. From clothes and shoes to necklaces, rings, even double rings.

I was very annoyed, asked why the waiter took the owner’s clothes himself. He quickly clarified, the owner threw all the items in the trash, but sadly, he took them back to use. I don’t understand why Ngan did this to my gift?

As I was about to enter the house, the maid stopped me, saying that Ngan had left the house very early in the morning. I called my boyfriend but he didn’t pick up. I waited at my boyfriend’s house for a day and a night without seeing him again.

The next morning, Ngan returned. His body reeked of alcohol, his face was bruised, and his clothes were torn in many places. When he saw me, he hugged me like he missed me.

Unable to understand my boyfriend’s unusual attitude, I tried to calmly persuade him to tell the truth. Ngan said he wanted to go out with friends, was forced to drink alcohol, fell too drunk, slept at a friend’s house, but only came back when he woke up.

I can’t believe what Ngan said. I asked why I brought all the things I gave to the waiter. Ngan said that he liked it so he could lend it to her.

Everything Ngan said was a lie, I couldn’t believe it. I grabbed his phone to check if there was any news. I am absolutely devastated when I see so many videos of Ngan and other men in bed together.

At this point, Ngan admitted that she was with another man. He knew that Ngan was in love with me, so he got jealous and threw everything I gave him. All day yesterday he dragged Ngan out to talk, and beat him until his face was bruised, so he decided to break up with him to come back to me.

I am completely devastated, a love that I believed would have a beautiful ending, but now so tragic? I treated Ngan like that, ruining everything. Why did he betray me?

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