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The hottest female judge in Korean movies has shocking scenes like this

Saturday, 12 March 2022 00:09 (GMT+7)

Today’s hottest female judge on screen is nicknamed “sexy icon”, not afraid to play hot scenes.

Juvenile Justice is currently the hottest drama on Korean television. According to Flix Patrol stats, the film rose to the 10th spot on the global Netflix Top TV Shows chart after just 2 days of airing. In the Juvenile CourtKim Hye Soo plays a cold female judge who prioritizes social justice.

Hottest female judge in Korean film ever had a shocking scene - 1

Korean sexy icon – Kim Hye Soo.

Juvenile Court It is surprising when revealing the hidden corners of society, the perpetrators are minors who are protected and protected by their parents. Juvenile Court Based on real cases in Korea.

Due to the child protection law in Korea, criminals under the age of 14 cannot be sentenced to prison for even the most heinous crimes, but only for juvenile orphanages for 2 years. The film recreates some gruesome real-life cases to analyze whether the law should be changed to increase the penal code and age of execution in Korea.

Hottest female judge in Korean movie has shocking scene like this - 3

Formed the female judge Kim Hye Soo in the film.

In addition to the interesting content, the role of the female judge played by Kim Hye Soo is loved by many people. Prior to that, the 1970-born actress made a storm across Asia with the role of a police officer in a crime film Signal/Signal (2016).

At the age of 51, this Korean “sexy icon” is still proving his charm through complicated roles with complicated psychological development. According to HK01, Kim Hye Soo joined showbiz from her job as an advertising model when she was 15 years old. After 1 year, beauty 7X acted in a film and won the New Talent award at the Baeksang Awards when she was 17 years old.

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Kim Hye Soo is a talented Korean actress.

In 1993, at that time Kim Hye Soo was only 23 years old, but she won the Best Actress award in a movie First Love/First Love at the 14th Blue Dragon Film Awards. In 1995, Kim Hye Soo continuously won the prestigious Blue Dragon award for the film. dr. bong, Baeksang Arts Award for Film Eternal Empire. At a young age, Kim Hye Soo was recognized for her acting skills with countless awards when she was over 20 years old.

In her huge career fortune with almost 100 films, Kim Hye Soo is not afraid to act hot scenes Tazza: The High Rollers (Vietnamese Title: Gypsy Girl)Kim Hye Soo plays Madam Jeong – a beautiful but intelligent and dangerous woman.

Hottest female judge in Korean film has shocking scene like this - 5

Hottest female judge in Korean film ever had shocking scene - 6

Kim Hye Soo’s movie scene forbidding children.

Mrs. Jeong can strip new players at the casino. However, Mrs Jeong is also a woman who yearns for love like any normal woman.

In the Tazza: The High Rollers, Kim Hye Soo has 100% hot nude scenes with actor Jo Seung Woo. The hot scene of this Korean sexy icon made many viewers feel hot while watching it. Although classified as a film that is prohibited for children, but Tazza: The High Rollers it still hit the big box office with $39 million while its budget was only $5.5 million.

In addition, the film which is filled with Kim Hye Soo’s hot scenes has also received many awards from script, acting, director to filming. Kim Hye Soo herself received best actress nominations at the Blue Dragon Film Awards, Asian Film Awards, Baeksang Arts Awards, Grand Bell Awards, Korean Film Awards, and Newport Beach Film Festival.

For years in a row, Kim Hye Soo’s name has always been on the list of the most attractive actors in Korea. She has even been called the “sexy queen” of Korean showbiz for years, no junior has ever surpassed her.


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The innocent doll likes to play hot scenes on her own, without the need for a substitute, making her former mother-in-law “itchy eyes”, male peers all praise.

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