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The “lame t-shirt” queen Jennie is back, predicting this “umm” style will become a hot trend

Rampage in the West, in recent days, Jennie (BLACKPINK) has been constantly causing “nostalgia” all over the internet. Not to mention holding his breath because of the beauty radiance of the “Chanel ambassador” at Paris Fashion Week, he made people “spray the nose” with his sexy charm while attending the Jacquenmus fashion show.

Recently, Jennie’s friend continues to update photos on Instagram, making netizens admire her with her cool fashion sense. IT girl really never disappoints fans, looking at the outfits the beauty is wearing, she really has to say: Shameless, it’s Kim Jennie!

You really love Kim’s semi-closed and half-open style!

This “wow” outfit was very coordinated by Jennie, including a “lame t-shirt” with a wool croptop combined with a tail shirt combined with a strapless shirt / 2 strap shirt inside.. Well, if the wearer is Jennie, it is hoped that this “unbuttoned cut” fashion will be enthusiastically promoted, otherwise it will explode a new trend. The sisters quickly followed into the “hot”.

The lame shirt queen Jennie is back, predicting this shabby style will become a hot trend - Photo 2.

Dressing up in the West, she is not afraid to “unbutton” to show off her beautiful waist

Who is “dotted” in the same style as the IT girl, I recommend a similar model. With only a few hundred branches, they can easily buy clothes like Lady Jennie.

[Box tag giá] – shrimp tail shirt

[Box tag giá] – Knitted crop top

[Box tag giá] – Round neck crop top

[Box tag giá] – Strapless shirt

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