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The lawsuit against Ms. Phuong Hang temporarily suspended, Vy Oanh decided to deal with it firmly

March 12, newspaper worker Reportedly, the Ho Chi Minh City Public Safety Investigation Bureau said that it had made the decision to temporarily suspend the settlement of singer Vy Oanh’s complaint against Phuong Hang.

Ho Chi Minh City Police said the temporary suspension was due to expiration of the deadline and continued verification. If there is a basis, it will return the settlement of complaints and crime information, and file a prosecution in accordance with the provisions of the 2015 Criminal Procedure Code.

Vy Oanh's statement when Phuong Hang's complaint was suspended - 1

Vy Oanh said it would verify with the investigative agency.

Contact Vy Oanh to learn more, the singer said: “Currently, I have not received any information. This should be asked by the police.”

Responding to many questions from fans, the vocalist of 8X also made a clearer post on his personal page. Therefore, Vy Oanh confirmed that he and his lawyer did not receive any documents from the authorities regarding this temporary suspension. Therefore, the female singer was very surprised by the above information and said that early next week, Monday, March 14, she will verify the information with the authorities.

Vy Oanh emphasizes: “Temporary cessation of criminal information means that the source of criminal information that has been received is temporarily suspended due to the emergence of certain circumstances and events, not completely stopping the completion of content. Continuation of handling criminal resources will be restored as soon as the cause of suspension is no longer available.

Therefore, temporary suspension (if any) is completely different from suspension. Vy Oanh personally and the whole country witnessed in the past, it is clear that the slander and humiliation of Ms. Hangs against multiple people need to be taken seriously to avoid misunderstanding and frustration among the masses. As for Vy Oanh’s work, he slandered 100%.” The voice of “Green Dong” expresses his belief in the law so that he and his family can regain their innate purity.

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Vy Oanh insists that he has always believed in justice and law.

Earlier, singer Vy Oanh announced that he had denounced and sued businesswoman Binh Duong for criminal and civil crimes, and asked owner Dai Nam to pay honorary compensation of 1 billion dong. According to Vy Oanh, the land giant Binh Duong has the act of using social networks to post fake and untrue news, insulting the honor of female singers on live streams. Talking further about the compensation amount of 1 billion, singer 8X said that if accepted, he will share it for difficult situations, publicly on social networks for everyone to know.

After receiving Vy Oanh’s complaint, the Criminal Police Department transferred the case to the Ho Chi Minh City Public Security Investigation Bureau Office for consideration and resolution.

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