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The specialty is only in Dong Thap, everyone likes to drink because it’s delicious and weird, 270,000 VND/kg

Referring to the land of the South, Vietnamese people will immediately think of places that have traces of history as well as uniqueness when the land was first opened. And one of the most unique dishes of this place is rat meat.

Hung Ca (40 years, from Dong Thap province) is proud: “Almost everywhere in my country there is rat meat, but I insist it is delicious – especially Cao Lanh’s rat meat. It is classified by gourmets as a “unique movement” of the West. He even wrote the poem “Is there a mouse as delicious as Cao Lanh / Is there a girl as beautiful as Nha Man”. That is the pride of children away from home like us.”

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“Almost everywhere in my country has rat meat, but I insist that the best is Cao Lanh’s rat meat.”

Cao Lanh’s rat was as big as a rat, but its fur was yellow-brown, similar to the color of a cheetah and a calf. They often live in groups in underground burrows, are very intelligent and have very strong reproductive abilities. On average, a female hamster gives birth to around 50-100 pups/year.

“At the end of every rice harvest, residents in my village invite each other to the fields to cast nets and chase rats. And when the spoils were obtained, everyone did one thing: one burned the hay, the other smoked it, the other cooked the meat and then roasted it fragrantly. After that, everyone huddled together and drank until the night was over,” said Hung Ca.

From mice, Cao Lanh people can turn into many delicious dishes such as steamed, grilled, grilled, boiled rice… But Quay Lu is still the best. “To have a plate of delicious rotisserie rat meat is not easy, the chef has to be a bit refined and skillful. Initially, they will choose a medium sized rat, about 5-7/kg and then dip it in boiling water to make it easier to pull out the fur, not tear the skin.. color and degree of crunchy rat skin.

Then they proceed to clean the intestines, trim the nails and drain the water. Done, they marinate the spices including lemongrass, sugar, monosodium glutamate…for about 10-15 minutes”, said the Western man.

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Cao Lanh rats enjoy with salt, pepper, lemon, banana, cucumber, tomato…

After completing the initial processing, the chef brings the mouse to the spinning wheel. In order for the mice to be rotated evenly and beautifully, each batch should only remove about 30 mice. After 15 minutes, open and install the jars, invert the mouse, add more oil and seasonings, then close the lids. About 20 minutes later, they took out the mice, smearing the skin of the mice with a golden sheen.

“This dish is delicious and oily, the meat is no less fragrant than wild deer, so my hometown is called “desa deer”. When enjoying, we often use salt and pepper lemon, bitter banana, cucumber, tomato… In the city, now there are several shops selling this specialty, but they don’t give the right taste in Cao Lanh. Therefore, when we really want to eat, we can eat as much as we want, but it can’t be as delicious as in the countryside,” said Mr. Hung Ca.

In the prime season, Cao Lanh rats are sold in the market for 180,000 – 200,000 VND/kg, while in big cities like Vung Tau and Saigon the price is higher: 250,000 – 270,000 VND/kg. “It’s very expensive, but gourmets still accept it. They say that if you want to enjoy a unique product, you have to play,” said Hung Ca.

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