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The very dangerous “smoky” old refrigerator is a warning to the family

Compared with gas stoves or microwave ovens, the refrigerator explosion phenomenon seems to occur less frequently. But the recently posted video of a user named phuongphuyen28 also made a lot of people panic.

Therefore, this phuongphuyen28 account says: “This is probably the first and last time in my life to see a refrigerator burning like this.

I suggest if you are using a fridge or have bought someone’s old fridge that you should have it checked carefully or it is best to buy a new one just to be safe. The smoldering fridge was still smoldering inside. The fridge caught fire at night without me noticing. Fortunately, the owner of the house came to help put out the fire.”.

The clip captures the scene of a young family’s refrigerator on fire. Video source: Tiktok phuongphuyen28.

Smoking old fridge

Fridge caught fire. The fire was still burning brightly inside, causing panic for the homeowners.

Smoking old fridge

After putting out the fire, smoke rose in the bedroom.

Smoking old fridge

And this is the view inside the refrigerator.

After watching the clip above, Anh Hoai Anh (owner of a refrigerator repair shop in Tay Son, Hanoi) shared: “The risk of refrigerator explosion is often found in cabinets that are too old or due to welding repairs or repeated gas changes, so that there is dirt that clogs the capillary tube from the condenser to the evaporator, reduces cooling capacity, which leads to system pressure being too high, flammable and In addition, because the compressor is a closed type, the electric coils can short, touch, cause a spark and cause the gas to burn…

In order to prevent the above phenomenon, the advice given is that refrigerator users should strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and at the same time should not regret but use old refrigerators that are no longer guaranteed to be safe.

When seeing abnormal signs such as the compressor running continuously without interruption; The side of the refrigerator is abnormally hot, the refrigerator makes a strange sound, the compressor emits very hot steam, the filter is enlarged or there is a fogging phenomenon, etc., immediately unplug the power supply and contact a technician. find the cure.”

Smoking old fridge

A refrigerator fire is a rare but very dangerous event that is a warning to families.

According to Mr. Hoai Anh, there are 5 unusual signs on the refrigerator that need to be repaired immediately to avoid potential harm to users:

– The compressor runs continuously without interruption

In the process of using the refrigerator, if the phenomenon of the compressor running continuously without stopping occurs, it is because there is not enough cooling air circulation around the refrigerator. When you see this phenomenon, you should seek a mechanic to troubleshoot otherwise the cabinet will be damaged.

In addition, lack of gas or excess gas, high ambient temperature, faulty temperature relay, constant light in the refrigerator and too much opening of the refrigerator door also cause the above phenomena.

– There is a strange sound coming from the compressor

If the refrigerator sounds loud, it’s time to find a repairman. A “podium” sound then stops working: It’s because 4 screws on the indoor unit are loose. If you want to get rid of this noise, you can disconnect the power manually, remove the screws, then add gaskets and tighten the screws again to make the refrigerator work better.

If the refrigerator makes a “reload” sound: Due to vibrating objects touching each other, you should check if the engine block pins are loose or misaligned, if so, they must be repaired.

Smoking old fridge

– Extremely hot steam emanating from the side

When you see that the sides of the fridge are giving off heat, you need to deal with this situation, maybe because people keep the cupboards in too narrow a place, the cabinets are placed too close to the walls or there are lots of objects nearby. The body makes the cabinet cool, causing heat. If you do not handle this situation, it may cause fire and explosion. Method: You need to move things out of the cupboard so that the cupboard is ventilated and cool.

– The smell of gas from the refrigerator location

This is because your refrigerator has a gas leak or lack of fuel, which is also the cause of the refrigerator not being able to cool. When you see this refrigerator, you must immediately repair it so that the refrigerator does not explode.

In addition, if this phenomenon lasts for a long time, it will also cause food stored in the refrigerator to be damaged and cause an unpleasant odor in it.

– Fast food is more spoiled than usual

If you find that during this time, the food and food stored in your refrigerator spoils faster than usual. You have to call a mechanic to check your fridge.

The main function of the refrigerator is to cool and keep food fresh for a long time. If the fridge doesn’t work, there must be a problem. You should not use it so as not to bring disaster to your body.

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