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There are shirts that don’t matter if you’re fat or skinny, you just put them on and you’ll have a slim “waist”.

If you want to find style shirt If you stand in the office, you will be slim when you wear it, if your waist is low, the plaid shirt is the first option mentioned. The design is not very new, even very familiar in the office world, but it is always elegant and perfect, and also can hack very magical shapes for girls when wearing it.

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Simple slender lines on an elegant blue fabric are the girls’ most powerful “weapon” to hack their standard slim waist. The shirts themselves are amazing, impress with different personalities, so the simpler the mix, the more stylish effect each girl will have.

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This shirt style can be combined with many items available in your wardrobe, such as: Neutral casual pants, plain skirts or various jeans, shorts… Shirt look Stripes will help the set stand out but still ensure elegance and elegance, so that perfect for work and play.

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The recipe for combining clothes with a plaid shirt for an office girl:

Formula 1: Plaid shirt + work pants

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This is the simplest recipe for wearing a plaid shirt. Casual pants + shirt, standard office style elegant set so that he always scores absolute points at work.

Recipe 2: Plaid shirt + wide leg jeans

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A slightly more trendy personality is the formula for pairing a shirt with wide-legged pants. Because the shape of the shirt is rather broad, girls need a neat shirt to accentuate their slim waist.

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The most standard is to wear the same pair of pointy heels to hack long legs, a set of clothes that are suitable for work and have a stylish and trendy look when going out with friends.

Recipe 3: Plaid shirt + skinny jeans / straight leg jeans

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Also thanks to the thin lines that break the shape, so even if you are not wearing a shirt, your figure is very slim and balanced when wearing clothes. The formula of plaid shirt + skinny pants or straight jeans is for short girls who want to improve their shape and height.

Recipe 4: Mix the layers of a plaid shirt with a skirt

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Both chic and trendy, this layered set is made even more distinct thanks to the plaid shirt being replaced with a basic plain shirt style.

Formula 5: Plaid shirt + midi skirt

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Instead of the usual pencil shape, this slightly flared A-line midi shape enhances the effect of a standard slim waist and long legs significantly for girls, especially when paired with a plaid shirt. Do not choose sneakers, the most luxurious at this time are pointed shoes to complete your office set.

Recipe 6: Plaid shirt + denim skirt

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Paired together, denim skirts are always a very slovenly item with plaid shirts. The shape of the skirt doesn’t make you look old, but on the contrary it also brings out the modern and personality of every girl, especially when paired with dynamic white sneakers.

Formula 7: Plaid shirt + straight skirt

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For women who like a light and casual style, the loose, unrelated skirt design can still be matched with your plaid shirt. Picking the right accessories, the office lady is smart to change her age and slim down in this subtle set.

Formula 8: Plaid shirt + white/pastel pants

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Gentle feminine girls will not be able to ignore this recipe when it comes to work. The design of straight leg pants in pastel colors or elegant white pants can always be paired with a plaid shirt to create a sweet and charming outfit. 20220313104032543.chn

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