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When is the target and schedule for the exam?

This year, High School for the Gifted of Foreign Languages ​​(University of Foreign Languages ​​- Hanoi National University) recruited 500 students for the special system with scholarships (36 students), the special system (344 students) and the non-special system (120 students).

Candidates need to take 3 subjects to assess the ability of Foreign Language (factor 2), Mathematics & Science (coefficient 1), Literature & Social Sciences (factor 1). The school held 3 mock exams on February 27, April 3, and May 8 and an official exam on June 4. The school announces the results of registration before 7/8.

Unlike the previous year, in 2022, the Foreign Language High School for Gifted Children does not receive direct admissions.

High School for Talented People in Social Sciences and Humanities (University of Social Sciences and Humanities – Vietnam National University, Hanoi) recruited 180 subjects, including 145 for special classes (75 Literature students, 35 Geography students, 35 History students) and 35 targets for high quality classes.

Candidates submit their applications from April 1 to the end of April 15. The exam takes place on May 29.

Candidates take 4 written exams including Literature, Mathematics, English and special subjects. Where, the time to work on Literature subjects is 90 minutes, English and Mathematics 45 minutes, and 150 minutes for special subjects. Points for special subjects are multiplied by 2, the remaining subjects by a coefficient of 1.

High School for the Gifted, Hanoi National University of Education recruits 460 subjects for specialization classes in Mathematics, Informatics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Literature, and English.

Schools spend a maximum of 10% of the enrollment quota in special classes to directly consider students who perform very well at the junior secondary level and meet the requirements set by the school.

In particular, students need to rank their behavior and academic ability in a number of years, graduate from high school with good grades or higher and win first prize in provincial examinations, the subjects won are the same as the subjects they applied for direct admission (specifically for special IT classes) and direct admission of students who won first place in Mathematics).

Schools encourage candidates to have letters of recommendation from teachers who have taught or coached outstanding students directly to comment on their abilities.

In addition, the school recruits students through entrance examinations. Candidates take written exams in 3 subjects: Mathematics, Literature exam in 90 minutes, scores are multiplied by 1, Special subjects in 120 minutes, scores are multiplied by 2.

The 10th grade entrance examination for the 2022-2023 school year at Hanoi Pedagogical High School will take place on June 1. Candidates register for the exam from April 4 to May 8.

College of Educational Sciences (University of Education – Hanoi National University) recruit 450 quota for high quality class. The exam takes place on May 29.

Candidates take 3 written exams, namely Literature, Mathematics, and English. Where, the time to do Mathematics (multiple test) and Literature (multiple choice and essays) is 120 minutes, English is 60 minutes. Exam scores are expected to be announced before 15 June.

Previously, the High School for the Gifted of Natural Sciences (University of Science – Vietnam National University, Hanoi) recruited 540 10th grade students for the 2022-2023 academic year, majoring in Mathematics, Informatics, Physics, and Chemistry. , Biology , high quality grade.

Schools spend up to 10% of the target directly considering candidates who win first prize in provincial examinations for excellent students in subjects appropriate to a special class (candidates who win first prize in Mathematics may be considered for special classes in Information), encourage prospective students with letters of recommendation.

With the entrance exam, each candidate is allowed to register for a maximum of 2 out of 5 specialization classes in Mathematics, Informatics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The school accepts application documents from April 11 to May 19.

Candidates take the Literature and Mathematics exam (round 1) in 120 minutes, in 150 minutes in special subjects. The score for admission to special classes is the total score for the Maths exam (round 1) multiplied by 1 and the score for the special exam is multiplied by a factor of 2. Literature grades alone are a requirement, not used to calculate acceptance scores for special classes. . Scores in 3 subjects must be 4 or higher.

The 10th grade school entrance exam takes place on 5 and 6/6 with 4 exams. Results will be announced on June 25.

With high-quality classes, in addition to the general exam, candidates take an objective multiple choice test to evaluate intelligence (IQ) in 60 minutes and a face-to-face interview test for learning purposes. own aspirations, academic achievement, capacities and aptitudes.

Exam schedules and quotas for grade 10 of 4 special and high-quality university-affiliated secondary schools in Hanoi:




Exam schedule

Publish the results


High School for the Gifted, Hanoi National University of Education



Before 31/7


High School for Foreign Languages



Before 8/7


High School for Talented Social Sciences and Humanities



Before 10/6


College of Education



Before 15/6

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