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Whether you grow up with COMMAND or not, “see” immediately these 4 THINGS to cultivate early on

Successful people are not only professional people but also need to have special points. Academic achievement, grades are important, but soft skills also play a big role. Many people often overlook this skill, but it is the key to determining future success or failure.

The famous professor said: Whether you grew up with COD or not,

Professor Ly Mai Can.

Professor Li Mai Can – An expert in Criminal and Parenting Psychology, currently working at the People’s Police University of China has shown that children have the ability to succeed in life. In business as well as in life, there are often signs of recognition at an early age.

“A child has the ability to grow up or not, observe these 4 characteristics to recognize”, Professor Ly Mai Can emphasized.


1. Children do everything with a beginning and an end

Many children at an early age have set goals to do small things such as: Helping their mother fold their pants, finish drawing, make legos, etc. Many children are often excited when starting out but give up easily in the middle. a number of. But there were also children who endured to the end, determined not to give up.

With the things children do, success or failure no longer matters, what matters is that the child strives to complete them. In the implementation process, there will be times when there will be difficulties and obstacles, but the child has overcome all of them, trying to solve them well. Parents should give praise and encouragement for perseverance. This is a good character, a sign of future success.

2. Children have social integration skills

Today, many parents often focus on increasing their children’s knowledge and neglecting social skills. According to many studies, children who master social skills at an early age have a higher chance of achieving success than those who do not. Therefore, when they know that their children have advantages, parents need to nurture them to perfect themselves.

The famous professor said: Whether you grew up with COD or not,

Social skills, also known as soft skills, include: communication, presentation, self-defense, supporting others, etc. Despite having good abilities, they don’t know how to express themselves, bringing out their strengths. Children who have these skills well will develop themselves very quickly, knowing how to promote their strengths.

3. Children can control their emotions

If children have mastered their emotions since childhood, they can grow up to be successful and respected people. The characteristics of these children are very recognizable, namely before having fun, children do not show joy; Prior to sad stories, children were less upset but would find ways to moderate their emotions and find solutions.

A person who can control his emotions well will have the qualities to manage, lead, and help others develop. When parents see their child having this trait, they need not worry too much, instead they should be happy because this is a sign of future genius.

4. Children have the ability to get up after falling

When children are young, parents can easily recognize their children’s abilities. Observe when your child has a problem, how to solve it? If your child is optimistic, always thinking positive and looking for ways to cope, this is a good thing.

Therefore, when children experience their first failure in life, face challenges, parents must always be there to encourage them. Do not criticize, scold, help your child to overcome obstacles. Tell your child that failure is not terrible, that where you fall, you will get up there to continue.

The famous professor said: Whether you grew up with COD or not,

Seeing that their children have the above characteristics, parents need to have a scientific education method:

Be a role model for your child: For education to be most effective, parents need to be the best role models for their children. What kind of parents do their children want in the future, they have to try themselves to be that kind of person. If parents can do it, there is no need to be reminded, the child will automatically see and learn from it.

Create a diverse experience environment: If parents want their children to have good abilities and character, it is necessary to provide a good living environment. This is a healthy space with many useful things for children to broaden their horizons and increase knowledge. No matter how much instruction you give, you should let your child experience it for himself.

Let your child be himself: Most parents want their children to do what they want. This makes parents and children always fight non-stop. Finally, children often disobey their parents’ wishes or are reluctant to rebel. This prevents children from reaching their full potential. Therefore, parents should respect the opinion of their children, let them decide their own life under the advice of their parents. 4-dau-hieu-nay-bo-me-biet-ro-de-boi-duong-20220301215531927.chn

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