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Why should I sit down now?

Not only vacation and fun, many people also have the notion that traveling also helps us “go a day, learn a sieve”, meaning to have more knowledge, understanding or lessons. Sometimes it’s the tiny details that make life so much more interesting.

Recently, a man shared a surprising scene about a scene he encountered at a resort in Da Nang, specifically the chairs in the lobby.

It’s just a seat, what’s there to talk about? But look at this chair, everyone will have the same question!

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The picture of the chair is shocking

What kind of chair is this?

Who has never heard of this chair must have experienced the same shock, right? What kind of chair is hidden in the middle of this?

However, after trying to figure it out, the owners of these photos were told by “word of mouth” that there were actually pads (hard pads) placed in the middle, lining for diners to sit on. However, by the time this person arrived, his mattress was being carried somewhere.

Then we see, there are many interesting and even strange things around us that we have never encountered before?

Arriving at the resort in Da Nang, the man was stunned when he saw the seats with the score 1-0-2: What are you sitting now?  - Photo 2.

Image of man on a recent trip to Da Nang

Source: Instagram @onlypine day-star-noi-20220313194448493.chn

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