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Wife is cold after her husband forgets to wear a raincoat and what many men don’t understand

Teacher, Doctor Phan Chi Thanh

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Mother of two children afraid of “sex” because of contraception but still pregnant

Master, Doctor Phan Chi Thanh – Head of Training and Directing Center (Central Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology) said that from the past until now, unwanted pregnancy has always been a woman’s obsession. soul, thus making things worse sex also down.

Through examinations and counseling for patients, Dr Thanh has met many women who no longer feel emotional during sex, even sexually frigid after using contraception but are still “unplanned”, having to abort the pregnancy. Ms TH (in Vinh Phuc) is such a case.

Even though she is only 30 years old, Ms. H has always been afraid of having sex. Whenever she is close to her husband, she worries that he will not be able to reach orgasm and climax.

Ms. H shared that she and her husband had 2 children and had no intention of having any more. During a relationship, her husband did not use a condom, did not have time to ejaculate. The next morning, she used emergency contraception but was still pregnant and then had to have an abortion when she was 8 weeks pregnant.

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Unintentional pregnancy causes many women to always worry and obsess, causing a decrease in sex drive. Illustration.

Since then, even though her husband uses a condom every time he has sex, even twice, Mrs. H still feels inferior and afraid of not wanting to have sex. After consulting with doctors at the obstetrics clinic in Vinh Phuc, Ms. H uses oral contraceptives every day, but he’s still not sure.

“Actually, I was afraid that every time I got close to my husband, I gradually lost my will. Many times in the afternoon, I lay down like a log, but when it came time to get involved, the fear of getting pregnant had me pushing my husband away. Several times like this, I know my husband is not satisfied, but he accepts to “bear” because he loves me, Ms. H vent.

The woman spends too much “capital” in each gender

Dr Phan Chi Thanh said that cases like Ms. H is not uncommon, even women who are planning to become pregnant, after giving birth, also fall into this situation.

“Women go through a period of 9 months and 10 days of pregnancy, then through the birthing process, the pressure of raising a baby afterwards… All of this affects their health and psychology.

For those who experience an unwanted pregnancy, and then have to terminate the pregnancy, this pressure will be much greater. Every time a woman has sex, a woman will often think about the past and always feel guilty, then blame herself for being so happy. Or as in the case above, because contraception doesn’t come to the right place, it leads to unintended consequences.

All that makes women tormented and every time they have sex, they think about it and it’s hard to reach the top. Without timely intervention and psychological counseling, they gradually cool down and have no desire to have sex anymore,” said Doctor Thanh.

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Women need to be proactive in wanting or not wanting to get pregnant. Illustration.

In men’s minds, courtship is for fun, to spread the race… As for women, when they have “sex” they spend a lot of “capital”, both physically and mentally. Therefore, unwanted pregnancies will haunt and greatly affect both physical and mental health.

“For unmarried cases, men after ‘love’ may always run in a ‘beat the horse to posthumous’ fashion, and if the girl then becomes pregnant unexpectedly, they will lose all their name participation, stigma towards health and possible employment.

That’s the difference between sex in men and women. And that is also the reason why there are women who after going through pregnancy, abortion, worry about contraception, lose feelings and sexual apathy,” said Doctor Thanh.

Women can be fully active in preventing pregnancy

According to Dr. Thanh, it is very important for women to actively prevent pregnancy. In the past, when condoms were the only method of contraception, contraception was mainly prescribed by men. However, when the birth control pill was introduced, it created a sexual “revolution”, especially for women. A woman can completely take the initiative whether she wants to get pregnant or not.

Especially nowadays, people have more and more choices to make contraceptives that are suitable for their bodies, because there are many different contraceptive methods. “Personally, I am an obstetrician, the first thing I advise people to choose a contraceptive method that is suitable for their body.

Second, it is advisable to choose a long-term contraceptive method such as injectable oral contraceptives, implant contraceptives with unmarried people. Those who already have children, apart from the two methods above, can use ring placement, sterilization…

A daily birth control pill is also a good measure, but if you forget to take it, the risk of pregnancy is high (it’s very common for women to forget to take their birth control pills). Especially for those who are young and unmarried, taking emergency contraceptive pills still carries a big risk of getting pregnant,” said Doctor Thanh.

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