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Wild-grown vegetables in Vietnam and Japan are very popular, with countless health benefits

Healer Bui Dac Sang

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Perilla is a year-round vegetable in Vietnam, but the best time to grow and thrive is in the spring. This vegetable can grow or grow wild in many open areas and is considered a spice, cooked in combination with other foods.

Although perilla is very cheap in Vietnam, grows wild, and is easy to find, in Japan it is very expensive. As such, the selling price of perilla in Japan is calculated per leaf, at around 700 VND/price. The reason why this vegetable is expensive in Japan is because it is often used as a mix when eating sushi. This combination not only enhances the taste of the dish, but also has many benefits for the body when consuming raw perilla leaves.

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In Vietnam, perilla leaves are widely grown and used as a spice for cooking.

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Perilla leaves have many health benefits and are sold separately in Japan. Illustration.

Scientist and doctor Bui Dac Sang – Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology said that in oriental medicine perilla is a medicine with many effects and can be used in various ways such as eating raw. , crushed to obtain drinking water, drink water.. Not only the leaves, even perilla seeds also have a gas-lowering effect, the perilla branch has a calming effect.

“Studies have shown that perilla helps stimulate sweating, helps dilate the fascia, reduces fever, relieves colds and reduces bronchial smooth muscle spasms. Water soaked in perilla leaves has the effect of inhibiting bacteria such as staphylococcus, dysentery bacilli, colon bacilli,” said doctor Bui Dac Sang.

Not only that, modern scientific research shows that perilla has a large amount of essential oils and is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, especially alpha-linoleic acid. Due to its high content of pure essential oils and antioxidants, perilla leaf extract has been shown to have antioxidant, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant properties.

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Perilla leaves have many health benefits. Illustration.

Herbalist Bui Dac Sang shares some medicinal references from perilla leaves as follows:

– Take a handful of fresh perilla leaves, 2 onions and 3 slices of ginger, all chopped into a bowl, break an egg and then put the flower pulp into the mixture, eat hot, relieve colds.

– Take the peeled tangerine peel and wash it with 3 thick slices of ginger and a handful of fresh or dried perilla leaves in a saucepan, add to a bowl of water, boil until clean, drink hot and cover with a warm blanket, cold medicine.

– Crush the perilla leaves to take a bowl of water, mix a little salt to drink once, medicine for stomach pain, flatulence.

– Take the perilla leaf and mulberry root skin that has been peeled and then boiled with approximately one glass of water to drink to treat coughs and shortness of breath.

– 10g perilla seeds, 10g eucalyptus. Crush the powder to drink with a decoction of sour apple leaves and rosemary to treat coughs, except for phlegm.

– Perilla 15g, centella asiatica 30g, pot grass 30g, plantain 20g. Sack drinks are used to prevent and treat dengue fever.

Although perilla leaves bring many good effects for health, excessive use of perilla leaves can lead to health consequences. Especially for pregnant women, although perilla helps in pregnancy, but using a lot, continuous use can cause high blood pressure, which is not good for the mother and fetus.

For those who have a history of allergies, you should limit the use of perilla leaves to treat diseases to avoid possible unwanted side effects.

For those who have a cold, or sweat, you should be careful in using perilla leaves to cure diseases. Because it has a medicinal effect that causes excessive sweating, long-term use can worsen the condition.

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