4 things women commit adultery even though they are infatuated, in their hearts are still afraid

Although immersed in honey, once deceived, a woman still has to face scary obsessions.

Undeniable women extremely emotional, especially for someone lacking in love. Just a little care and warmth of others will make her heart warm, giving rise to even wrong feelings.

However, despite being immersed in honey, once a woman has cheated, she still has to face an obsession, not simply a fear of being discovered by her husband.

4 things that women infidelity, no matter how infatuated, are still afraid in their hearts-1

1. Children despise

Women who have engaged in extramarital affairs may no longer care about their husbands, but they are still fundamentally concerned and loving about their children. Therefore, they are very afraid that their children will look down on their mothers when they know the truth and also fear that their children will be ridiculed by their friends.

The truth is, some kids will hate their mom for this. Mothers who break up families can have a huge impact on a child’s inner self.

2. Being tied down by a lover

Not only men want strange things, want to change the wind, but many women are the same. They are invited by their physical desires to enter an abusive relationship.

In many cases, the mistress, because she loved the woman too much, forced them to leave her husband and marry him. At this time, women are both afraid of their adultery being exposed, and afraid of their lover clinging to them and not letting go.

So invisible, they themselves get caught in the “love trap” that is difficult to get out of.

4 things women cheat no matter how infatuated, the heart is still afraid-2

3. Abandoned

In fact, women who commit adultery can leave their ex-husbands for new love. But in their hearts they are always worried whether this second man is really good to them or just “playing across the street”.

If the truth is that the lover is not trustworthy, they will deeply regret it. At that time, empty-handed, they realized that the lover was not as good as they thought, only regretting it was too late.

4. Property Damage

Adultery very bad in marriage, but once it gets to the point of divorce, many women still fear that they won’t be able to divide their assets or get a lot of property because of this.

If property is lost, for a divorced woman, the damage will certainly be huge.

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