A slight ‘cough’ is money, Apple saves up to $ 6.5 billion when removing chargers and headphones

Apple First time removing the charger and EarPods from the box when selling the iPhone 12. The company said that this is an action to help them better protect the environment. At first, it encountered a lot of teasing, mostly from Samsung, then this company also gradually followed Apple to remove the charger.

As for Apple, reducing the accessories in the box makes the iPhone’s case significantly smaller, so they have 70% more devices to fit on a shipping pallet. So what does this mean for environmental protection?

More boxes on a pallet will allow Apple to ship more phones to users at once. As a result, the use of smaller boxes will allow Apple to reduce its annual carbon footprint by 2 million tons. That’s the equivalent of taking 500,000 cars off the road.

However, not everyone is satisfied with Apple’s way of doing it and they think that removing the accessories that come inside the iPhone’s box is a move that “sucks blood” from Apple users.

According to an observant observer, this person noticed that Apple started removing chargers and headphones from the iPhone box when it released its first 5G iPhone series. So did Apple decide to do this to offset the cost of buying 5G modems?

According to the Daily Mail, by removing the EarPods charger and headphones from the box, Apple has saved a total of £5 billion so far. That number is equivalent to 6.5 billion USD (about 148,707 billion VND). But Apple hasn’t dropped the price of its handsets by dropping the accessory out of the iPhone box. At the same time, many iPhone buyers who want to fast charge their iPhones are forced to spend $19 on a 20W charger and another $19 on EarPods. When considering the millions of iPhone units that Apple sells each year, this will certainly generate another huge amount of revenue for Apple.

Light cough makes money, Apple saves up to 6.5 billion USD when removing chargers and headphones - don't be surprised when competitors follow in droves - Photo 1.

Users have to spend 19 USD (more than 800,000 VND) to buy chargers and headphones.

Reducing the size of the box and allowing 70% more devices per pallet would help Apple cut shipping costs by 40%, which would likely allow the company to lower the price of phones for consumers. Some analysts have calculated that Apple is saving the equivalent of $35 on every iPhone it sells. However, Apple did not reduce costs.

Since announcing the removal of chargers and EarPods from the iPhone box, Apple is said to have shipped 190 million iPhones. The total amount of money that Apple has saved from this cost-cutting move, plus the amount from shipping costs, amounts to £5 billion (or $6.5 billion), according to the Daily Mail. If Apple passed every penny of these savings to its customers, users could be $6.5 billion richer.

So Apple saved money on shipping by not providing the charger and EarPods that come in the box. The public not only doesn’t save money, but also has to spend their own money to replace the accessories they want but don’t get for free.

In other words, this $6.5 billion goes straight to the bottom line of increasing Apple’s profits and driving up Apple’s stock price. In return, executives like Tim Cook benefited millions of dollars while the public had to pay to replace missing accessories.

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