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Aromatic sticky yellow flower

Mar 14, 2022 14:35 GMT+7

Reminding the yellow flower is to remember the young nuggets when they come back, the sweet honey bee tea plate in the early spring or the fragrant rice cake on New Year’s Eve.

The yellow-flowered glutinous rice can only be transplanted once a year. Every year when I harvest, my mother also chooses the best and best rice fields to breed for the next season. The bundles of rice made like the mother were not broken, but only stripped of the straw, bundled and hung on the clothesline in front of the house until it was dry before taking it away. In the sowing season, the mother used an aluminum ladle to gently brush the rice to fall off and then soak it.

Lotus leaf rice
Lotus leaf rice

Fields for the cultivation of yellow-flowered sticky rice must be plowed deeply, harrowed, transplanted with hands and then cultivated for quick rooting of the rice. When the rice is in full bloom, when I come back from work in the field, my mother often gives me a round handful like a bunch of chopsticks. Peel off the ivory white shell, soft and sweet young rice in the hand. The female glutinous rice flower blooms, yellow flowers sway in the early sunshine, looking at the long, thick grain of rice, it is known that that year is a good season. Rice sucks milk and then slowly waits for the green nuggets season in lotus leaves.

Glutinous rice with yellow flowers must be dried very thickly on the red brick yard because if it is too thin, it will dry out and lose its fragrance. If dried in the golden sunshine, the rice grains will be fragrant in the palm of your hand. On the occasion of the death anniversary, the people of my village often take the roasted rice into sticky rice, sieve the husk away, the beautiful and pure white sticky rice is filled on a plate and presented to the ancestors’ altar.

Green nuggets like pearls

When the autumn wind starts to shine, I often follow my mother to pick sticky rice and bring home. Mom roasted rice in a cast iron pan and pounded it in a stone mortar, the nuggets were as thin as tamarind leaves. Picking up a piece of fragrant sticky rice, sipping in the mouth, the sweetness gradually melts away, the cupped hand holding the nuggets is also fragrant. It was probably the most luxurious childhood treat.

Golden straw and fragrant sticky sticky rice

Sticky bean paste
Sticky bean paste

At the end of autumn, the rice is harvested and returned home, the rice is threshed on a stone mortar to keep the sturdy straw. Straw is well shaken, peeled, bundled and hung on the wind wall. Glutinous straw is very fragrant in the sun, the straw is still green. When the straw is dry, braid the broom. A sturdy, golden straw broom.

On rainy days, my mother often soaks rice and cooks bee tea, melted apricot sugar mixed with ginger and shiny sticky rice sprinkled with fragrant roasted sesame. Mother cooks sticky rice with areca flowers for the full moon, sticky rice with black beans, and sticky rice with peanuts wrapped in banana leaves for dad to take on long trips.

Heart cake only my village has

The happiest days are on New Year’s Eve, mom will grind the best batch of rice, part to pack banh chung, part to pack heart cakes.

Mother said that perhaps when making the cake, people put all the good heart into it. Glutinous rice is scalded and crushed. Mother dried lean meat; slug pumpkin jam, coconut jam; roasted sesame, roasted peanuts. Mother cooked apricot blossom sugar with crushed ginger. When the sugar water is still warm, mom mixes all the ingredients with the rice and then slowly pours in the sugar water. Just enough sugar to stick, take the cake mold. Mothers put bread in cashew paper to offer to ancestors and then divide it with children.

On a drizzly day, when eating a piece of cake with the sweet aroma of coconut jam, pumpkin jam, a piece of flexible lean meat mixed with fragrant rice, my grandfather often praised it as the most delicious cake in the world.

The experience of quickly picking up oats, cooking delicious oats that you definitely cannot ignore!

The experience of quickly picking up oats, cooking delicious oats that you definitely cannot ignore!

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