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Attractive tourist destinations should go in March

March is the changing season of Spring and Summer with breathtaking scenery. The climate is very suitable for you to make memorable journeys. Some domestic tourist attractions that you can refer to:

Moc Chau: The brilliant Ban flower festival of the Thai ethnic group. The Moc Chau Ban Flower Festival is usually held on February 5 of the lunar calendar (ie March of the solar calendar).

SapaThe foggy town of Sa Pa is not only attractive in the last months of the year with the snowy season, but also attracts tourists in the spring with thousands of colorful flowers.

Quang Binh: It is a new destination for tourists who love to explore caves and magical nature. March is the dry season, with no rain, so you can easily explore the caves with many unique experiences only in Quang Binh.

Da Lat: Traveling to Da Lat in March, you will be immersed in the colors of sky-high flowers with banyan flowers, cherry apricots, purple phoenix flowers… This time you can also experience picking ripe western vine.

Highlands is also a suitable choice for this March. This is the time when indigenous people hold a coffee festival in March to promote the image of coffee in the Central Highlands.

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