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Being asked by her husband to eat with a broken bowl, his wife immediately had a “hands-on” that made him just stand still

After all the sacrifices and efforts for family life, what women need most is the respect of their husbands. When this basic essential is not received, the sisters will surely protest fiercely, then even if there are thousands of reasons, the husbands will not be able to keep their wives anymore.

Sharing the same sentiment, a young wife named L. went on social media to tell her marriage story as follows:After giving birth to my second child, I decided stay at home to take care of kids, a housewife and then a part-time collaborator. Of course, the money I earn can’t be equal to working, but the children are taken care of, the house is always neat and tidy, so my husband has no idea.

However, recently due to the impact of the epidemic, the collaborator did not accept me anymore, so I no longer have any income. My husband saw that his wife did not directly earn money, so he turned his face down with disdain. Many days when he sat down to eat, he even hinted: ‘Marriage is like taking a debt, why is it not good to raise a few mouths alone? Many days, I repressed and talked again, the husband and wife became loud, the children were afraid to cry. After that, I also had to wait for the house to be quiet.”

Being asked by her husband to eat with a batch of bowls, the wife immediately had a

The wife’s post

But according to L., the more she endured, the more her husband encroached. He took the right of money-earners to rebuke, disregarding his wife’s role in the family. What makes L. sad is that he never knows how to understand his wife’s hardships and sacrifices, but always takes money as a measure of his wife’s value in the family home.

That day, while I was washing dishes, I lost my hand and dropped the bowl into the sink, although it was not broken, it was chipped. Afraid to let that bowl wash my hands, it’s not safe to eat and drink, so I put it in the trash, but my husband saw it and yelled: ‘Pick up that bowl. Clumsy business, not making money, just breaking it is good. Keep that bowl for her to eat, so be careful next time. Before leaving the kitchen, he still snarled: ‘From now on you eat from that bowl for me’.

Too disappointed in my husband, I absolutely do not say a word. At dinner, when he came back from playing badminton, he urged his wife to prepare a meal, but when he looked at the dishes on the table, he widened his eyes and asked: ‘Why is this… All the dishes are chipped?’.

She casually said: ‘I hate it… You said I had to eat the bad bowl last night but I found myself if I had to eat the broken bowl, in this house, no one deserves to eat the good bowl. So all the dishes and chopsticks in the cupboard I hate to be fair.

I am his wife, although at this time I do not directly earn money, but I do all kinds of things for him, taking care of the children, cooking to serve my husband, and running back and forth from home to take care of my parents-in-law, … plus all Do you think all these things are equal to hiring 2 maids? Calculating the monthly salary, according to you, how much do I deserve to receive, is it equivalent to your salary, but you say that I am a parasite, eat badly, and then give me a broken bowl. Think again, is it worth it if you are a husband and treat your wife like that? To let outsiders know that I ate a bad meal, will people laugh at me or laugh at you?’.

Being asked by her husband to eat with a batch of bowls, the wife immediately had a


Economic difficulties, husband and wife have to tell each other to make efforts together. Besides, when I don’t make money, he looks down on me. So it turns out that you got married just to have someone to make money with?”.

L. said, that day she was too upset by her husband’s behavior, so she talked a lot, she even stated clearly that if he continued to keep the patriarchal mindset, she would consider money more than her wife would divorce. She did not threaten or get angry because honestly she was too tired, could not bear her husband any longer.

However, suddenly L.’s resurgence came into play, L.’s frank statements and resolute attitude made her husband gradually realize his mistake, so he did not talk back to his wife but quietly walked away. buy another set of dishes to eat, manually put the chipped dishes in the trash, as an apology, admit wrong to his wife. before-mam-com-co-sap-20220313220305551.chn

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