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BLACKPINK Jisoo still seeded in all episodes before Korea’s “national treasure”

It is said that April will probably be an unforgettable month for cover faces as April this year is expected to see the appearance of many outstanding representatives. More specifically, April this year is also considered Dior’s expensive brand month when the brand’s luxury ambassadors and inspirations lead each other on the front cover.


First of all, global ambassador Kim Jisoo – the eldest sister of the top girl group BLACKPINK. It is no exaggeration to say that, BLACKPINK is currently the group with the most “authentic” fashion resources in Kpop.

All 4 members are faces chosen by famous brands. If “IT GIRL” Jennie belongs to Chanel, Rose YSL, and Celine Lisa, the fate of Kim Jisoo’s relationship with Dior is enough to make everyone jealous.

Because of the brand’s “egg love” for Jisoo, many people have “red eyes”. One proof of the brand’s love for Jisoo is the fact that beauty continues to be driven by brands not only at home and abroad.


In April this year, Jisoo became the cover face of VOGUE KOREA magazine. Different from the usual sweet image, this time BLACKPINK’s eldest brother brought a new color with a sexy and sexy style.

Long black hair that is left loose naturally combined with bold shapes and different styles, gives Jisoo a completely new image. However, new but not necessarily appropriate.

The new style helps Jisoo avoid boredom every time she appears on the cover of a magazine, but keeps her from “scoring” too much. Even some of Jisoo’s poses make people feel quite confused.

Kim Yuna

Korea’s “national treasure” – Kim Yuna’s status for luxury brands from France is something no one can make fun of. Many people think that Kim Yuna is a “living Dior” because she is suitable from charisma to beauty.

In Korea, Kim Yuna has no rivals and the pinnacle of this beauty was the gold medal at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Since then, Kim Yuna has been regarded by fans as the nation’s “national treasure”.

In April of this year, the ice rink queen – nicknamed Korea’s “national treasure” continues to appear on the cover of DAZED KOREA magazine with her extreme charisma. Much praise for Kim Yuna’s beauty and temperament. In fact, many think that if weighed, Kim Yuna seems to be superior to the ambassador of Kim Jisoo.


Appearing on VOGUE KOREA in April is the beautiful girl Iris Law. Iris Law is the daughter of actor Jude Law and famous fashion designer Sadie Frost. She is a long-legged woman sought after by the British fashion industry thanks to her angular face and chic charisma.

Appearing on the cover of VOGUE KOREA magazine, Iris Law caught the eye with a trendy silver short hairstyle. Not only that, as a top model, Iris Law flaunts her stocky waist, impressing many people.

It seems that if you put it on the comparison chart, this time Jisoo really lost to Iris Law and Kim Yuna in the closing race.

But while her fans are still quite “hesitating” because of the concept the magazine gave Jisoo, she continues to “bring” the cover of the May issue of HARPER’S BAZAAR JAPAN.


Jisoo just “closed the app” for the May issue of HARPER’S BAZAAR JAPAN.

So “no matter what people say”, Kim Jisoo is still the expensive idol of the top magazines.

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