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Buying a house from only 25,000 VND in Italy, reality is not like a dream

12/03/2022 06:37 GMT+7

Italy’s 1 euro homes have caught the eye in recent years, but there’s a lot of extra costs involved to renovate them.

According to many people, when buying these 1 euro houses, there will be many other costs to renovate the whole thing. And there are many people who have had to give up because they cannot “bear” the cost of repairing them.

Buy a house from only 25,000 VND in Italy
Homes for sale for as little as 1 euro in Italy

Danny McCubbin, 58, lives in London, decided to buy one of the houses worth 1 euro. However, Mr. Danny McCubbin was forced to sell the house soon after due to facing high construction costs and a shortage of builders due to the Covid-19 pandemic. After realizing he wouldn’t have enough money to renovate, he sold the house for 1 euro – but lost up to 3,000 euros in the process.

Some people have had better luck with this €1 home plan, including Jose Ramos, 43, from Milton Keynes, who bought two of the €1 homes before the pandemic. Covid-19 broke out, and one of them was remodeled.

The factors that helped him buy a house at a “super cheap” price successfully were thanks to being able to speak the local language. Mr. Jose Ramos shared: “I can find workers by asking people around in Italian.”

Other success stories include Eli Halawani, 73, from Israel who bought a 2 euro house with plans to convert it into a bed and breakfast, while Tonia and Steve Brauer from California ( America) bought these “super cheap” homes, renovated them, and sold them for a profit.

Another lucky case is Rubia Daniels, a solar consultant and business owner, who bought and renovated three €1 properties in Mussomeli, Sicily, but warns that renovations can cost up to tens of thousands of pounds.

Rubia Daniels said: “When they sold me the house for 1 euro, I understood that I would have to renovate it. The people here are trying to revive this town, so that’s why they put their houses up for sale at such a “bargain” price. So, after we buy a house, we need to take on the responsibility of remodeling it.”

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