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Camel escapes from US zoo to attack people

Mar 13, 2022 14:22 GMT+7

The camel that escaped from the zoo caused chaos in Tennessee, USA in a rare case.

Camel escapes from US zoo to attack people
Camel escapes from US zoo to attack people

Shirley Farms is a small zoo in Obion County, Tennessee, USA that fosters a number of animals including hairless camels.

A rare incident happened when the camel managed to escape from its place and wandered the streets. The large animal attacked and killed two men on the street outside of Memphis, Tennessee.

Police said the camel was aggressive, attacking two men and even repeatedly plunging into Chief Obion’s car. Bobby Matheny, 42, and Tommy Gunn, 67, are the two victims in this incident.

“This is the first time that a camel escaped from the zoo attacking people in our area. For the safety of everyone at the scene, we had to kill the camel,” a police representative said. said close.

Zoo staff shared that they have not found out why the camel escaped and why it became so aggressive. According to experts, camels generally show little aggressive behavior except for males during mating season. The natural breeding season of camels occurs during the winter or rainy season.

As males compete for access to the female, they will bite their opponent’s leg, trying to knock the opponent to the ground.

In 2019, a similar case occurred with a 25-year-old man. The camel he took care of suddenly became angry and attacked its owner while he was feeding it. It repeatedly bit the man’s face and neck, causing him to go to the emergency room.

However, not every escape at the zoo is heartbreaking. A pig and an African big cat teamed up for the perfect escape from the North Carolina zoo. It sounds like the plot of a children’s movie, but that’s exactly what happened in reality.

Camel escapes from US zoo to attack people
African big cats escape from zoo with the help of pigs

The African big cat that managed to escape the zoo in North Carolina was captured in the cute video that went viral around social media in 2021.

Not wanting to be the main character in the ‘animal exhibits’ at the zoo, the big cat snuck out. It wandered on the highway and luckily escaped death when a pig helped.

Rare albino zebra found in Africa

Rare albino zebra found in Africa

A national park guard in Tanzania accidentally discovered a rare albino zebra.

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