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Consider and continue to support workers who are facing difficulties due to the COVID-19 epidemic

The government issued Resolution No. 25/NQ-CP at the regular meeting of the Government in February 2022.

The government asks the Ministry of Manpower, War Victims and Social Affairs to assume primary responsibility, and coordinates with ministries, agencies and regions in summarizing and evaluating support policies in accordance with Resolution No. 68/NQ-CP dated July 1, 2021 year of the Government, Prime Minister Decree Number 23 of 2021/QD-TTg dated 07/07/2021; propose and report to the authorized agency for consideration and continuation of the implementation of support policies for communities and workers experiencing difficulties due to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Consider and continue to support workers who are facing difficulties due to the COVID-19 outbreak - Photo 1.

Expanding support for workers facing difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Artwork: KT)

Takes primary responsibility for, and coordinates with the Ministry of Finance and relevant agencies in, submitting to the Prime Minister for promulgation Decisions on housing rental support for employees who have an employment relationship, are renting, live in, or work in the country’s industrial parks, processing zones exports, and major economic zones.

Immediately assess the list of poor districts, communes with very difficult difficulties along the shores, coastal areas and islands in the period 2021 – 2025, and submit it to the Prime Minister for approval in March 2022.

Strengthening the connection of labor supply and demand nationally on online platforms; focus on caring for and supporting disadvantaged and disadvantaged people affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.

Advise and report to the competent authorities on the adjustment of overtime in the month and year of the employee, creating conditions for the restoration and development of production and business.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will assume the main responsibility, and coordinate with other ministries, agencies and regions in, finalizing plans to reopen tourism activities under new normal conditions in the spirit of “safe and flexible adaptation” to effectively control the Covid-19 Epidemic. “; announced in accordance with its authority the plan to reopen tourism activities starting March 15, 2022.

To assume the main responsibility, and coordinate with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Transportation and relevant ministries and agencies in agreeing the content and regulations on welcoming international tourists; have detailed instructions on the reopening of international tourism activities so that units and regions can proactively manage their implementation; immediately direct and improve to ensure consistency between regions in implementing Government measures in opening tourism and accommodation to international visitors.

The Ministry of Science and Technology will assume the main responsibility, and coordinate with ministries, agencies, and inner regions, focusing on directing solutions for technological innovation, technology incubation and science and technology enterprises, technology decoding, trade and innovation. scientific research and technology development in the company’s production and business services. Continue to implement solutions to improve Vietnam’s National Innovation Capacity Index (GII).

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