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Eagerly going to fight with my best friend, I froze when I saw the face of the ‘fox elf’ in the motel

When my best friend suffered because I found out that my lover was cheating, I was extremely angry and dragged her to get jealous. But the scene in the motel left me dumbfounded.

Since getting married, I spend all my time taking care of my husband and children. In the past, I was a stylish young girl, going out all day, hanging out with friends, but now, I’m just a mother with milk, all day, I just have to do the dishes and do the laundry.

The reason I have such a change is also because of my sister-in-law. My sister-in-law is a truly responsible and resourceful woman, she is both good at keeping money and keeping her husband’s love.

My sister-in-law, if you look at it, everyone can see that she is a very ordinary woman, but with care, love or some other secret, a talented and talented man like her husband can be ready to refuse any marriage. drinking to always come home to have dinner with his wife.

The business is run by her husband, but the money is managed by her, that’s why she is like the “roof of the house”, even though she doesn’t work and doesn’t make money, she is extremely powerful. For me, my sister-in-law is a shining example of a woman who is devoted to her family.

She told me that the first woman’s happiness is to take care of the housework, take care of the children, then her husband will naturally understand the hardship. She also said that just taking care of the housework so that her husband can go to work is enough because with a property like my husband’s, a month’s salary of more than tens of millions of dollars for an office worker like me is nothing. That’s why after I got married, I quit my job and stayed at home to take care of my family.

I don’t know how many fun parties I have with friends, I refuse them all. Fortunately, my friends all understand and sympathize, so no one blames them. Many times when I look at myself in the mirror, I am also startled by how quickly everything has changed.

Since getting married, I’ve only kept in contact with Lien – her best friend in high school. Lien has a boyfriend who is a fitness trainer, so she’s very handsome and pampers her very much. I am also happy for her because after so many ups and downs, she also has a happy couple.

However, things are not as simple as I thought, women are often very sensitive and like having a sixth sense. Through the recent expressions of her lover, Lien confided to me that she guessed that her lover had something to hide from her.

After that, she was even more sure when she discovered that her lover had changed all her Facebook, Zalo and phone passwords. Not only that, but he also installed security for chat applications and social networks.

That day, I was looking after the baby when Lien called, she said she saw her boyfriend going with her mistress, holding hands in a very intimate way.

I was so angry with my best friend that I quickly sent my son to a maid and then drove to Lien, I told her that I would go with her to catch the other two “cats and chickens” and give them a bad fight, not let them. so benevolent.

In many ways, we quickly learned that Lien’s boyfriend and his mistress were in a motel. We broke the door and entered, the pair of adulterers panicked, their faces were pale and bloodless.

Eagerly going to fight with my best friend, I froze when I saw the face of the ‘fox elf’ in the motel

Seeing us standing in front, Lien’s boyfriend quickly pulled the blanket and put on more clothes, and I rushed to pull the blanket off to give him a humiliation. I even wanted to give my best friend a slap, but when I saw her face clearly, I froze.

It’s none other than my sister-in-law. A woman who is always devoted to her husband and children, who often talks about morality and teaches her sister-in-law about how to be human, is now having an affair with a man much younger than her age.

For a few minutes I couldn’t say a word because I was so shocked, I didn’t understand what was happening.

That day, my sister-in-law begged me to keep this secret and promised to end the affair immediately. But until now I’m still very confused, don’t know what to do right?

Wife has an affair because her husband refuses to... talk

Wife has an affair because her husband refuses to… talk

Adultery is often understood as having sex outside of marriage. Therefore, when looking for the cause of infidelity people think of lack of sex.

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