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EVNNPC continues to receive international credit rating BB, Positive Outlook

EVNNPC’s credit rating is on par with the national rating and rating of the parent company – Vietnam Electricity (BB/Positive). This result creates a solid foundation for EVNNPC to enhance its ability to raise finance through more diversified sources, including international capital markets and long-term bond issuance.

According to Fitch Ratings, EVNNPC’s credit rating of BB is due to the Corporation’s position in the field of power distribution in the North, a diversified and stable customer network of more than 10 million customers, the largest among the power distribution companies. Distribution Corporation of EVN.

Facing the impact of the pandemic, it is expected that EVNNPC’s commercial electricity output will continue to increase by 8% -9% in the next 3 years, increasing electricity demand in the North of Vietnam from the agricultural, residential and industrial segments. industry, offsetting the decline in the commercial segment.

EVNNPC continues to be rated at BB by Fitch Ratings with a positive outlook.

The rating also reflects the stable operation of EVNNPC as a pure distributor with an exclusive position in the North (except Hanoi) in the field of operation of EVNNPC.

According to a representative of EVNNPC, this is an important milestone for the Northern Power Corporation. Fitch Ratings’ credit rating is an important foundation for the Corporation to gradually become fully autonomous in raising capital to finance future projects by optimizing capital structure and diversifying sources. mobilize.

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