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‘F0 get out of the house’ is incorrect

According to the Ministry of Health, on March 14, the Ministry issued the Decision “Guidelines for home management for people with COVID-19”.

In section 5.4, there is a paragraph stating: “The person with the disease COVID-19 It is necessary to limit leaving the isolated place. When you have to leave the quarantine place, you must wear a mask and keep your distance from others.”

The above content causes many different interpretations. There is even an opinion that the new guideline “allows F0 to leave the house”, but this is a wrong interpretation.

Ministry of Health: 'F0 is allowed to leave the house' is not correct - 1

The Ministry of Health confirmed that the interpretation ‘F0 can leave the house’ is incorrect.

In the face of many misconceptions by the public, on the evening of March 14, the editorial team of the Ministry of Health revised a number of points in the Decision for clarity to avoid misunderstandings.

Accordingly, the content in section 5.4 is adjusted to be: “People with COVID-19 need to minimize leaving the isolation room, but not leaving the house. When leaving the isolation room F0, they must wear a mask and keep a distance from other people in the house.”

The Ministry of Health also affirmed that the “isolation place” in these guidelines should be understood as the “isolation room” in the house. Therefore, F0 will be allowed to leave the isolation room and move around the house with the condition that they wear a mask and ensure a distance from everyone, but are not allowed to leave the house.

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