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Foods that absolutely must not be eaten with tofu so that disease does not enter the body

Friday, 11/03/2022 01:00 (GMT+7)

This is an excellent food to eat on its own, but can be harmful to your family’s health if you eat it with tofu.

Tofu (also known as tofu) is a food made from whole soybeans. It has a fairly high nutritional content, especially protein. In 100g of tofu, the protein content accounts for more than 34%. It also contains 8 kinds of amino acids, minerals, calcium which are very beneficial for human health.

Not only popular, tofu is also a nutritious dish that is indispensable in every family’s rice tray. From raw tofu, Vietnamese people have processed it into many delicious and interesting dishes such as fried beans, stuffed beans, kimchi bean soup, etc. However, many foods combined with tofu will be very harmful to health.

bamboo shoots

Tofu contains calcium sulfate and bamboo shoots contain oxalic acid. As with spinach and onions, eating with tofu and bamboo shoots will interfere with calcium absorption, making it easy to form stones.


Tofu contains calcium chloride, while persimmon contains more tannins. When these two foods are eaten together, they can form calcium tanate, which can easily lead to kidney stones and gallstones.


According to Oriental medicine, eggs and tofu are protein-rich foods. Therefore, housewives who combine these two foods together will affect the body’s protein absorption.


Onions contain oxalic acid, tofu has calcium. When combined, they form calcium oxalate – a poorly soluble substance, affecting calcium absorption. Eating these two foods together will lead to calcium deficiency and stone formation.


According to Oriental medicine, tofu has a sweet taste and is slightly cold. While mutton has a great heat, the opposite of tofu. Therefore, eating mutton and tofu in the long term will cause jaundice and swollen feet.


Honey contains many enzymes, tofu contains minerals. Therefore, consuming these two foods at the same time will produce an adverse reaction for the body. In addition, eating tofu with honey is easy to cause diarrhea.

Dairy cows

Tofu and cow’s milk processed together will reduce the nutritional value of food, thereby affecting calcium absorption.


Spinach is rich in chlorophyll, iron and oxalic acid. On the other hand, tofu contains a lot of protein, fat and calcium. Therefore, cooking 2 meals together will waste calcium.

In addition, tofu should not be combined with bamboo shoots and persimmons. The reason is, they are easy to make stones like mutton processed with tofu.


Pumpkin contains interferon – a substance that helps increase immunity, enhances the antiviral and anti-tumor effect. Meanwhile, tofu contains a lot of vegetable protein. Therefore, when these two foods are combined together, they can effectively prevent colds and flu.


Tofu that can be eaten with shiitake mushrooms also helps prevent cancer effectively and is very good for the body. It is also considered a dish that you should eat regularly.


If tofu has a lot of protein, shrimp contains a lot of trace elements. Therefore, this dish is also very good for people with high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, and obesity.


Fish also contains a lot of protein and various amino acids needed by the body. Tofu also contains a lot of vegetable protein. The combination of these two dishes helps increase calcium absorption to help prevent rickets and osteoporosis.

Foods that should not be eaten with tofu so as not to get sick - 1

People who can’t eat tofu

The elderly and people with kidney disease

The elderly, if they have digestive or kidney problems, should not eat too much tofu, even though it is soft and easy to eat, they are not good for the health of the elderly.

Both cause the digestive system to work sluggishly due to overload and weaken the kidneys due to excess nitrogen waste in the kidneys.

Anemic people, people with digestive diseases

The absorption of iron is greatly disrupted by the protein content of tofu, so people with anemia should not add tofu in their daily nutritional menu.

In addition, if you do not want the symptoms of bloating, indigestion, and bloating, you should not eat tofu.

Iodine deficient people

People who are deficient in iodine will definitely refuse food made from tofu, the saponins in tofu will reduce the absorption of iodine in the body, thus indirectly worsening the patient’s condition.

gout sufferers

In the diet of people with gout, it is often advised not to eat too much protein.

Whereas tofu is a rich source of the plant protein, putin, if you don’t know how to use it, the level of uric acid in the blood increases, making the pain worse.

Diarrhea due to cold stomach

Tofu is a cold food, the texture is soft and easy to digest. As a dish rich in water, after eating, the body will be given more water, helps dissipate heat, clears fire, increases cold air in the stomach, and is a laxative.

For this reason, it is best for people with cold-related illnesses associated with cold bowel movements to avoid eating tofu, to avoid increasing cold air in the stomach, causing diarrhea, vomiting, or diarrhea should be more severe.

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