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“For more than 40 years, my family has lived like a mummy without a soul”

Arrested unjustly, “died in the estrangement of many people”

Mr. Vo Te (born in 1932, residing in village 3, Tan Minh commune, Ham Tan district, Thuan Hai province – now Tan Phuc commune, Ham Tan district, province Binh Thuan) who was wrongly detained in the case of Mrs. Phan Thi Khanh (SN 1954, Tan Minh commune, Ham Tan district) murdered in 1980.

Accordingly, on July 31, 1980, the case occurred, only 1 day later the police arrested Mr. Te on charges of murder and robbery. The press reported that at that time, Mr. Te was a Southern physician in the area. The day Mrs. Khanh was killed, Mr. Te was called to help. At the scene, Mrs. Khanh’s mother cried bitterly, clinging to Mr. Te to ask to save her daughter. The victim’s blood smeared on Mr. Te’s clothes.

However, the investigating agency did not have enough grounds to charge Mr. Te.

After being unjustly imprisoned for 5 months, Mr. Te was released on parole. But until his death in 1994, he still carried wrongful sentence, has not yet suspended the accused. It was not until January 5, 2022, that the Binh Thuan province police investigation agency decided to suspend the accused with Mr. Vo Te.

Mr. Vo Ngoc (SN 1964, residing in Ham Tan district, Binh Thuan – Vo Te’s biological son) confided on Tuoi Tre Online, after decades of living in humiliation, his family was able to hold their heads high, the father in Golden stream has been vindicated.

However, until now, the public apology to Mr. Te’s family has not been carried out by the authorities.

According to Mr. Ngoc’s share with the Laborer, initially, the Binh Thuan Provincial Police and his family planned to hold a public apology on February 16, 2022, but then postponed the date.

“Previously, the provincial police said they would hold an apology after Tet, and their family reported it on February 16. After February 16, they didn’t do it but said they were waiting for a meeting to discuss some things, so they made an appointment again, but they couldn’t do it. Until now, the family has not received any information about this,” a family member of Mr. Ngoc told the source.

According to the Ho Chi Minh City Law newspaper, in a letter asking the investigative police agency and the People’s Procuracy of Binh Thuan province to apologize for unjustly arresting Mr. Te, Mr. Ngoc stated, although he knew that Mr. Te had not committed a crime, the agency said The investigating agency and the Procuracy did not suspend the investigation of the accused.

That caused his father to live in shame and bitterness from the time he was released until his death in 1994. Mr. Te was shunned by neighbors, did not see his face, died in the estrangement of many people.

The wrongful detention of Mr. Vo Te: Over the past 40 years, my family has lived like a mummy without a soul - Photo 1.

Mr. Ngoc at the grave of his wronged father. Photo: LT/Workers

Mr. Ngoc expressed to the above source that his father was a gentle man who only knew how to use Southern medicine to cure diseases, but he was unjustly convicted and was kept in solitary confinement, leading to sores all over his body. The day he was released, even his father could not stand, the distance from the prison was 60km, but he had to go many days.

“This injustice always weighs heavily on our spirits – the children are not well educated, nor have the conditions to complain to their father,” said Mr. Ngoc’s application.

In addition to requesting to hold a public apology, Mr. Ngoc’s family also requested the prosecution agency to publish a public apology for 3 consecutive times. In addition, post apologies and corrections on the portal of the provincial police and the People’s Procuracy of Binh Thuan province.

“For more than 40 years, my family lived like a mummy without a soul”

Sharing with Dan Tri newspaper, Mr. Ngoc wanted the prosecution agency to quickly organize a public apology.

“For more than 40 years, my family has to live like “mummy” without soul. Until now, my father has been vindicated, I hope the Binh Thuan Provincial Police Department quickly apologize publicly,” Mr. Ngoc said. Dan Tri.

Mr. Ngoc told the above source, when his father was unjustly imprisoned, his family went everywhere they were called “the murderers and robbers”. Unable to bear public opinion, his brothers all had to give up their studies. To avoid the ax of the neighborhood, Mr. Ngoc registered to join the army in 1985. After 3 years of returning from the army, the son loved his old father even more because he lived like a shadow.

Regarding the organization of a public apology to Mr. Vo Te’s family, the Binh Thuan Provincial Police Investigation Agency informed the Laborer that the unit is coordinating with the Provincial People’s Procuracy to organize a vindication and settlement according to the Law on Compensation. State responsibility.

According to Binh Thuan police, because in the wrongful compensation claim, Mr. Ngoc’s family had not yet provided a specific level of compensation, so the unit instructed them to redo it, as a basis for settlement.

Ngoc’s family said they were waiting for the authorities to organize a public apology before agreeing with a lawyer on the amount of compensation.

The wrongful arrest of Mr. Vo Te: Over the past 40 years, my family has lived like a mummy without a soul - Photo 3.

Photograph of Mr. Vo Te. Photo: Dan Viet newspaper

Previously, Mr. Nguyen Sy Nam, an investigator on the murder of Mrs. Phan Thi Khanh, informed in the Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper, that during the two times of the palace, Mr. Te confirmed that he did not kill Ms. Khanh. However, before that, Mr. Vo Te confessed to the crime. However, Mr. Te’s confession did not match the crime scene and the wound on the victim’s body.

“The examination results showed that the blood on Mr. Vo Te’s fishing rod, shirt and knife was not human blood. Mr. Te showed no signs of ignorance about the time and was only present at the scene after the case. happened,” the former investigator told the source.

Mr. Vo Ngoc, shared with Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper, he clearly remembers that year, father and son would go fishing every afternoon. That stream is in the opposite direction to the corn field of Mrs. Khanh’s house, so it is impossible for the two sides to face each other.

“The fact that the investigating agency thinks that my father was sitting at home hooking bait on a hook when he saw Ms. Khanh and asked about it is absurd. No one goes fishing but hooks the bait first at home and then carries the fishing rod dangling the line away. People, everyone has to go to the stream, choose a place to fish and then hook the bait,” Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper quoted his son Vo Te.

In 2021, the real culprit was found by the police as Truong Dinh Chi (whose name is Truong Dinh Khoi and Le Minh Son, born 1956, residing in Binh Thanh village, Xuan Binh commune, Song Cau town, Phu Yen). But the case happened more than 41 years ago, the statute of limitations for criminal prosecution has expired. Expenses are sponsored by the family.

Currently, the victim’s family Khanh has asked a lawyer to carry out legal procedures to request the police agency to restore the investigation, prosecution and trial of Truong Dinh Khoi.


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