Ghost Coc Tu once said: Three family voices, lacking one is not enough

Legend has it that in the misty Van Mong mountain, there was a noble ascetic. He had never stepped out of the Devil’s Coc half a step in his life, but he could roam the world, understanding the situation in the world. He is the founder of the famous Tung Hoang Gia – Quy Coc Tu.

He mastered various schools and knew everything. Politically he has the ability to turn things around. Under his sect, there were countless disciples, all of them characters with extraordinary talents such as: To Tan, Ton Tan, Thuong Uong, Bang Quyen, Ly Mu… And Gui Coc Tu had natural talent. in terms of planning, he had accumulated a lot of experience.

Devil Coc Tu once said: Three family voices, lacking one is not enough - Why?  - Photo 1.

Devil Coc Tu illustration.

Especially the book “Gui Coc Tu” which talks a lot about observing skills, using words and expressions in various directions, has high practical applications in life, learning, practice and family. He once said in a sentence that:A house without these three voices is not called a house“.

Since time immemorial, home is everyone’s last stop. No matter how much pressure we face outside, coming home will make us feel happy both physically and mentally, feel very comfortable.

Therefore, how to maintain a happy and prosperous family is very important. There is a Chinese proverb that says, “A prosperous and successful family”. Only when families get along can we safely go to work and earn a living. So, what are the three types of sounds that Devil Coc Tu refers to? See if your family has one!

1. Baby’s cry

Children are the connecting link in the family, the hope of the whole family. Since birth, has brought joy and happiness to the family. Children have made life more meaningful.

DINKs family (DINKs is a term for couples who both have jobs, have two sources of income and have no children) may question the happiness of a family that desperately needs language, crying children or what? Although everyone has a different answer, childless families lack two things: anger and impatience.

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The anger here is not anger, but the endless breath of life. Even when a child cries it affects other adults. But in the eyes of the ancients, a child’s cry was a “pleasant” sound, proving that there was a new member in the house, meaning an eternal descendant.

And “rush” is just a goal to strive for. There are some men who lack understanding before marriage, earning a penny but spending two. However, when they have children, they will have a sense of responsibility, responsibility to raise the family, want to be the best example for their children, live with purpose, no longer complain about life, work hard for the family to enjoy the best. ingredient. All of this comes from children.

2. Parents laugh

For a family, parents are like a stone behind them. Although they didn’t do anything, they didn’t need to say anything, but just hearing their laughter every day proved that the family was very harmonious.

Do you remember Jia Mu in “Dream of the Red Chamber”? He was definitely the mainstay of the Jia family. Before the Jia family had an accident, his face was always smiling. Whether criticizing Bao Ngoc or playing poetry in the park with his juniors, the smile on his face never went away.

Then, along with Nguyen Xuan’s sudden death, the Jia family’s fortunes also came to an end. The smile on his face also disappeared. At the end of his life, he expressed regret to Bao Ngoc and guilt to Dai Ngoc while crying and died.

Devil Coc Tu once said: Three family voices, lacking one is not enough - Why?  - Photo 3.

Imitation Model in the movie “Hong Lau Mong”.

There is a saying: “With the happy laughter of parents, the family does not worry”. Older people with rich living capital and life experience, even sharper observation ability. In a family, the smile of the parents is a pill of reassurance, proving that life is going well.

If there are no more laughter from parents, it means that life is very tiring and difficult. Over time, along with irritation, there will be no more laughter, conflicts will also arise.

3. Animal sounds

In ancient times, a family could have not only people but also animals. The kanji “家” (house) cannot be separated from the six animals, the hieroglyphic protective bone character above “家” (house) is the set of “宀” associated with the house, and below is the set of symbols. “豕”, which means pig.

Devil Coc Tu once said: Three family voices, lacking one is not enough - Why?  - Photo 4.

Due to low productivity in the past, poultry is an indispensable thing in the family. When we were children, when we went out into the countryside, we would often see in the cow and pig stables the lines “Rice prosper, six animals prosper”.

The importance of dogs for every family is something we don’t need to talk about much, it can help people with the aim of guarding homes and property. Chicken, duck, lamb and pork are considered important sources of meat products in rural areas. Brings income to farmers and is also a source of essential nutrients for the body.

In the past, due to lack of mechanization, buffalo were very helpful animals for farming and raising livestock. The adage “The buffalo is the head of the inheritance” is enough to see how important the buffalo is in the family.


In fact, these three types of sound are mixed with the so-called taste of life. Whether it’s the cries of children, the laughter of parents, or the cries of six animals, these are the sounds of everyday life in millions of families.

But if these voices are lost, the family will lose their humanity. When you come home and face trash, how can you say that you are prosperous? How about you? Do you think the Devil Coc Tu saying makes sense?

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