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Honey with these 3 signs should buy immediately because 100% pure

honey is a completely natural food, first found in 5500 BC. Today, people have discovered countless ways to use honey, from beautifying the skin to improving health and enhancing longevity.

Another reason why honey is so popular is that it doesn’t have an expiration date. The reason is that because honey has a low water content and pH, the environment of honey is almost free of bacteria growth. Even, the longer the honey is, the more nutritious and precious it is.


Honey is extremely good for health, but currently on the market not all types of honey have quality assurance, so we must understand some methods of evaluating honey before buying so as not to be deceived. .

If you go to the market and see honey with these 3 signs, you must buy it immediately because they are 100% pure

1. Using chopsticks – easy to insert chopsticks: When going to buy honey, you can use chopsticks to judge. Insert the chopsticks into the bottom of the honey bottle, if you find it difficult to use force, it may be fake honey with white sugar added. If you feel that the process of inserting the chopsticks is very easy, stirring with chopsticks is very soft, touching with your fingers does not feel gritty, when put in your mouth, it melts very quickly, that is high quality honey.


2. Using paper – honey does not absorb through paper: Put a few drops of honey on the paper, if the honey does not seep out, it will still retain its shape as pure honey. If it is absorbed through the paper, it is honey that has been mixed with water and of poor quality.

3. Use a cup of water – honey runs straight to the bottom: If you put a drop of honey in a glass of water and see the honey run straight to the bottom of the glass, it is 100% pure honey. Conversely, honey that has been mixed with water will dissolve immediately.

Honey is very good but here are 3 times when they become dangerous for the body

1. When honey is mixed

In order to increase profits by 2.3 times, honey can be mixed by some manufacturers with sugar syrup from corn, cane and beet sugar… and many other mixtures that consumers cannot unforeseen.


Not only that, honey can also be harvested before it is ripe to reduce production costs, which leads to higher water content and at the same time promotes the risk of fermentation, bacterial growth, increased spoilage, etc. broken.

2. When honey has been contaminated

According to the National Honey Board of America, honey, even though it is a healthy natural food, can also contain bacteria, yeasts, and molds that come from pollen, sugar and sugar. digestion of bees, dust, air, dirt and flowers.


Honey has antibacterial properties so these organisms are usually not able to reproduce. However, in some cases, spores of the neurotoxin Clostridium botulinum have been found. Clostridium botulinum is harmless to adults, but exposure to infants under one year of age can lead to poisoning, nervous system damage, paralysis, and respiratory failure.

In addition, in the process of honey being transported and processed, it may be further contaminated by dust, insects, animals, dirty water sources. Therefore, choosing to buy pure, quality honey is extremely important.

3. When honey causes allergy symptoms

Honey is very benign, the probability of causing allergies is very low. However, in reality, there are still many cases of honey allergymainly people with sensitive terrain, or pollen allergies.


Honey allergy can cause fatigue, pain, and even death, so if you have allergic symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, swelling, watery eyes, itchy throat, rash, , hives, goosebumps, headache, difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fainting, irregular heartbeat, anaphylaxis… when consuming honey, it should be discontinued immediately. instantly. See your doctor quickly before allergies cause serious complications. het-han-tan-dung-cuc-tot-cho-lan-da-va-tuoi-tho-20220314201016196.chn

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