How to neutralize bad feng shui of beams in an apartment

The problem of rafters in apartments is of great interest to many people, does that have any effect on feng shui?

In fact, Feng Shui Housing is the science of arranging and arranging reasonably to obtain an abundant source of vitality to help the house be airy but still cozy. Living in the long term helps family members feel comfortable, secure and healthy.

For many people, buying a house is a big deal, sometimes they can save up for a lifetime to buy an apartment, move in and can’t even put it up for sale. The only way is to change the feng shui in the house, find a method of rearranging to neutralize the bad things.

If you are more skillful, you can create reasonable feng shui to help attract vitality and nurture luck in your own home.

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There are many potential dangers in the process of designing or arranging houses created in apartments. This more or less affects the quality of life and fortune of family members.

For example, more and more houses are using the exposed beam design. They think that these are trendy, unique designs and bring a lot of aesthetic value.

However, this is an unfortunate mistake in feng shui.

The concrete beams and beams make the house structure more solid. However, many people also decorate with fake rafters to add style. In feng shui, the exposed beams, especially the lower the ceiling, the more murderous it will bring.

The rafters that appear above the altar, bed, dining table, sofa or desk all affect the flow of air in the house. This invisible killing intent inhibits the vitality of the people living in the house.

The position of the rafters brings killing intent

The rafters above the bed

The beam in this position can affect the quality of sleep. Not only is it easy to have nightmares, but neurological diseases and headaches will also appear over time.

Especially when the rafters appear at the head of the bed. In addition, the rafters above the couple’s bedroom inadvertently make the relationship heavy and lack harmony.

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The beam above the altar

This is also a taboo in feng shui. The beam “pressing” on the altar affects the fortune of the owner.

In the case of leaving the rafters above the altar, it will be difficult to gather wealth, not be successful in work, and will not be supported by the nobles. In the long run, it also affects the health of people in the house.

Even in the short years, the age is in conflict with the destiny year, the people in the family are more easily caught by bad luck.

The rafters above the desk

Also bringing invisible killing intent, the desk represents one’s creativity and career progression. If you sit and work at a position with a beam “pressing” on your head, the work is easy to get stuck, and it is difficult for small people to make it difficult.

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The rafters on the living room, sofa or dining table

In these locations, the rafters at the top will bring weapons that affect the quality of life in the house. The most specific is the lack of harmony and bonds between family members.

Solving the rafters in feng shui

The larger the rafters, the darker the color, the greater the damage. In particular, when the ceiling is low, the killing intent is stronger, seriously affecting the air circulation in the house. Moreover, in apartment buildings, not all houses are well ventilated and have a constantly circulating energy source.

In addition to apartments, ground houses, villas, or level 4 houses will all be similarly affected. Homeowners need to consider finding the optimal method to reduce air pollution in the house, creating a balanced gas source in the living space.

To reduce the damage that rafters bring, homeowners can do the following:

– The best way is not to expose the rafters, you can make a false ceiling to hide the rafters, and at the same time increase the aesthetics of the living space.

– If the areas below cannot be moved, it is necessary to paint the rafters in a light color to increase yang. Alternatively, a round light bulb can be installed under the beam. The light of the lamp brings positive qi, which will help reduce killing qi.

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